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Scottsdale Mayor David D. Ortega Is Excited About The Parque

Buzz About The Parque Is Spreading

As we've mentioned several times on LUXE BLOG, we're excited about The Parque. Why? Because it brings even more tech and innovation to a core area of Scottsdale. An area that benefits all of the city, but specifically the area around North Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Road & 101 Corridor. Recently, Mayor David D. Ortega shared his enthusiastic endorsement of The Parque. It's exciting to see Mayor Ortega discuss the $1 billion mixed-use development.

This project, to be built on the former CrackerJax site, is being developed by cyber security billionaire George Kurtz. He envisions the completed project as a software-centric innovation hub. What makes this more exciting is the recent announcement by semiconductor company ASM to build their new corporate headquarters in North Scottsdale (a couple of miles north of The Parque). Basically, all kinds of good things are going on for this area. Additionally, we have the upcoming Optima McDowell Mountain Village, as well as the planned and newly announced 120-acre biotech center Discovery Oasis. Of course, just north of the 101 and Scottsdale Road is DMB's new masterplan called One Scottsdale. In total, multiple BILLIONS are being spent on new development in the area. As a bonus? It's surrounded by world-class golf clubs.

Map image of The Parque's future location in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The 32-Acre Parcel Features A Prime Location

The Parque

The Parque's approval by Scottsdale City Council symbolizes INNOVATION:

  • Developed by billionaire CEO of CrowdStrike, George Kurtz
  • A tech-focused project that will greatly enhance Scottsdale
  • A 32-acre development at the former amusement park site
  • Incorporates a 2-acre central community park
  • Features over 1,200 residential units and a luxury hotel
  • Offers 250,000 square feet of commercial space
  • Emphasizes sustainable practices, like water conservation
  • Near Ilume Innovation Center, Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale Airport, ASM's future HQ, and more
  • To be built in the perfect area for this type of development

Mayor Ortega's support for The Parque highlights its alignment with Scottsdale's vision for sustainable and TECH-FORWARD growth. The project's focus on ECO-FRIENDLY practices, including innovative water conservation techniques and solar energy usage, reflects the city's commitment to environmental stewardship.

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The former site of Crackerjax, where The Parque will be built.

The Parque Will Be Built On The Former Site Of Crackerjax

A Catalyst For Economic & Technological Growth

The Parque stands as a hub for economic and TECHNOLOGICAL advancement:

  • Attracts leading cybersecurity and national security firms
  • Fosters the growth of Scottsdale's tech sector
  • Creates a dynamic space for businesses and residents alike

Developer George Kurtz's vision of a software-centric innovation hub is embodied in The Parque. This aligns with Scottsdale's aspiration to be a leader in the high-tech industry. Hearing the mayor's endorsement is exciting. We want to see Scottsdale lead 'The Valley; in innovation. It's an entrepreneurial destination. So it makes sense.

Map image of The Parque's future location in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Parque Features A World-Class Location Near Scottsdale Airport

Future Of Urban Development In Scottsdale

The development of The Parque will happen in PHASES:

  • Planned in multiple phases to ensure meticulous execution
  • Involves detailed planning and design reviews
  • Aims for a seamless integration into Scottsdale's urban fabric

Mayor Ortega's backing of The Parque underscores its role in shaping the future of Scottsdale. This project enhances the city's landscape and strengthens its position as a FORWARD-THINKING, sustainable, and tech-friendly community.

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The former site of Crackerjax, where The Parque will be built.

The Mixed-Use Development Will Sit Directly On Scottsdale Road

A Visionary Step Forward

Under Mayor David D. Ortega's leadership, Scottsdale embraces a future of innovation and community-focused development. The Parque is a project that elevates the city's profile, blending technological advancement with sustainable URBAN PLANNING. With robust support from the mayor and the community, The Parque is set to be a cornerstone of Scottsdale's growth. Not to mention its future prosperity. We here at Williams luxury Homes are thrilled about the project. We know the Kierland area well (where it will be built). The location, near Scottsdale Airpark is perfect. With ASM's new HQ, years of construction at OMMV and The Parque, the future Discovery Oasis near Mayo Clinic, and DMB's new One Scottsdale masterplan, the entire area is blowing up. In a good way.

Want to learn about The Parque and its location? Feel free to contact us. We help our clients learn about and buy luxury real estate. The right way.

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