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Scottsdale Approves Mixed-Use Project ‘The Parque’ In 5-2 Vote

Billion-Dollar Approval

One of the most talked-about areas here on LUXE BLOG is Scottsdale Airpark. Whether it's Kierland, Silverleaf, the Scottsdale Road & Loop 101 Corridor, the One Scottsdale masterplan by DMB, or the Mayo Corridor, we're always pointing out its growth. Last week, on November 13th, Scottsdale City Council approved The Parque in a 5-2 vote. This is a big deal. The Parque is the type of project we've been wanting to get built. A true technological hub.

The Parque

  • Approved by Scottsdale City Council
  • 5-2 vote
  • $1 billion mixed-use development
  • Located at 16001 N. Scottsdale Road
  • Former Crackerjax site
  • Future tech hub
  • A sustainable development
  • 13 buildings when complete
  • Four bicycle stations
  • Over 250,000 square feet of commercial
  • Over 1,000 trees

The Scottsdale City Council's decision to rezone the 32.29-acre site for The Parque signifies the city's commitment to innovation. The entire area around Scottsdale Airpark continues to evolve.

Rendering of The Parque in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What's The Parque All About?

  • Think Central Park, but techier and greener
  • Blurring lines between work, life, and play
  • Designed for our digital world

So, The Parque is like this futuristic version of Central Park. It's all about making a space that fits how we live now – working from home, needing green spaces, and all that.

Visionaries Behind The Parque

  • Developed by George Kurtz, CEO of CrowdStrike
  • John Berry, attorney for the developer
  • Nelsen Partners as project architects

The team behind The Parque includes some of the most visionary minds in the industry. George Kurtz, a notable figure in cybersecurity, leads the project. Known as one of the richest individuals in Arizona, Mr. Kurtz aims to build a sustainable and impactful development.

Rendering of The Parque in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Transformative Impact

  • 1,182 dwelling units, including workforce housing
  • 140-key five-star hotel
  • 253,000 sq. ft. of commercial space
  • 13 buildings with a central two-acre park

The Parque is envisioned to be a mixed-use development that blends residential living with commercial opportunities. It aims to become a technological and lifestyle hub. It's also closely located to other major developments like Optima McDowell Mountain Village and the One Scottsdale masterplan by DMB.

Rendering of The Parque in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Big Happenings Around Scottsdale Airpark

There are ALL KINDS of big developments happening around Scottsdale Airpark.

  • Recent announcement of Mayo's Discovery Oasis
  • Upcoming Optima McDowell Mountain Village
  • One Scottsdale Masterplan by DMB
  • Approval of The Parque
  • Completion of Optima Kierland
  • Ilume Innovation Center
  • Portico by Belgravia Group

Rendering of The Parque in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Community's Response

  • Majority support for the project
  • Anticipated job creation and housing opportunities
  • Concerns over traffic and views

While the project has received widespread support for its potential to establish Scottsdale as a tech hub and provide housing, some residents have expressed concerns about traffic congestion and the impact on scenic views. This happens with any project of this magnitude.

Why Open Spaces Matter

  • Central Park vibes in the middle of the city
  • Mixing buildings with nature
  • It's all about balance

Central Park is the heart of The Parque. It’s this idea that you can have skyscrapers but still have room to breathe and enjoy nature. It’s about keeping the city feel but not forgetting the trees and grass.

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Rendering of The Parque in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Architecture That Makes Sense

  • Buildings that don’t just look cool, they feel cool
  • Designed for people, not just for show
  • It’s all about enjoying the space

The buildings here? They're made to make sense for us, the people walking around. They're not just there to look fancy. They're part of the whole experience of being in The Parque.

The Road Ahead

Combined with Portico, FENDI, Optima Kierland, ICON, Ascent at The Phoenician, and Optima McDowell Mountain Village, you quickly see that Scottsdale has many world-class condo project being built. Speaking of being built, developer George Kurtz plans on breaking ground as soon as possible. There is much money behind this project. And we're excited to see the land of which it will sit get what it deserves. We are talking about a PRIME LOCATION here. This entire area is absolutely perfect for this.

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