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FENDI Private Residences

To be built with a prime location at the new, multi-billion-dollar Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley are the FENDI Private Residences. Located on the Scottsdale side of The Palmeraie, the FENDI Private Residences represent the pinnacle of Italian luxury fashion living. It is clear that this building could become the most expensive address in Arizona.

The 52 ultra high-end condos will range in size from approx. 3,000 square feet to approx. 10,000 square feet, comprising 44 exclusive residences, 2 sub-penthouses, and 6 penthouses. All penthouses will be ‘paparazzi proof’. This project is a true reflection of the elegance and sophistication for which FENDI is known. Marco Costanzi, the man responsible for FENDI’s Rome headquarters (The Colosseo Quadrato), will provide the extraordinary architecture and design. Residents will enjoy the pinnacle of real estate, all right here in Scottsdale.

VIP Interest List

Sales are expected to begin in fall of 2024. FENDI is Arizona’s first true ‘luxury fashion condo’ project. Individuals from all over the world are eagerly waiting for condos at the FENDI Private Residences to be offered for sale. This is the first true ‘luxury fashion condo’ project in Arizona.

With over a billion in sales, Williams Luxury Homes has begun building our VIP Reservation Interest List for the FENDI Private Residences. As most big projects in the valley, we expect to get our clients into this project as early as possible. Want in? Simply fill out the below contact form!

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