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Auctions Create Demand & Drive Values

Seller Benefits:

  • Reduction of seller’s carrying costs, maintenance and taxes.
  • Seller is assured of obtaining true market value.
  • Provides seller with a reliable, predictable exit strategy.
  • Removes the buyer from the negotiation process.
  • Establishes minimum price and firm sale date.
  • Aggressive marketing approach condenses the process significantly.
  • Auction is a proven, respected sales platform.

Traditional Listing & Sales Process:


Buyer Benefits:

  • Competitive bidding establishes fair market value.
  • All due diligence information is provided to the buyer.
  • Buyer knows the seller is serious and Committed to sell.
  • Buyer gets to establish the final purchase price.
  • Auction is a proven, respected sales platform.
  • Terms are established, reducing time needed to negotiate.
  • Contract and closing dates are known, eliminating delays.

Auction Listing & Sales Process:


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