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Why Physicians Are Moving To North Phoenix & North Scottsdale

Healthcare, Innovation, & Growth

Quite often on LUXE BLOG, we discuss the growth of the Scottsdale Road & Loop 101 Corridor. Additionally, we discuss the surrounding areas such as the Mayo Corridor, the One Scottsdale masterplan, Optima Kierland, Grayhawk, Desert Ridge, and more. We have also discussed 'The Magic Zip Code Of 85254'. And, of course, we've repeatedly mention Portico and Optima McDowell Mountain Village. All of these areas and projects are making the area where North Phoenix and North Scottsdale meet quite the hotspot. This isn't gentrification. This is NEW construction expanding not only into the edge of the valley, but vertically!

Photo of the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona.

Mayo Clinic Brings World-Class Healthcare And Innovation To Phoenix, Arizona

The Mayo Corridor

North Phoenix is not just home to any hospital - it houses the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Corridor is more than just a healthcare center; it's an emblem of medical advancement. With ASU ventures and the soon-to-be-built Discovery Oasis, this corridor is set to redefine biotech in Phoenix.

Sign of the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Alliance.

Mayo Clinic And Arizona State University Alliance

Mayo's Discovery Oasis

  • 120-acre biotech center
  • Close to Scottsdale Road & Loop 101
  • Adjacent to Optima McDowell Mountain Village

Phoenix is gearing up to become a powerhouse in healthcare innovation, thanks to projects like Mayo Clinic's Discovery Oasis. This 120-acre biotech marvel is strategically located to be a catalyst for healthcare innovations. Its proximity to major roadways and upcoming projects makes it even more appealing.

Ilume Innovation Center.

Ilume Innovation Center Sits Just North Of The Planned Optima McDowell Mountain Village

One Scottsdale By DMB

  • 120-acre mixed-use development
  • 2.86 million sq. ft. space
  • 2,000 residential units and 400 hotel rooms
  • Portico Luxury Condos under construction
  • Streetlights Residential under construction
  • Just north of Loop 101
  • Just north of Ilume Innovation Center

Just a little east of Mayo's Discovery Oasis lies One Scottsdale by DMB. This massive project, still under construction, is set to further elevate the area's reputation. And with its location just south of the esteemed Grayhawk Golf Club, it is in the perfect spot.

Photo of Chauncey Ranch.

Chauncey Ranch


  • Scottsdale Airport for private flights
  • Solid schools nearby
  • Great healthcare
  • Hyatt House - Hyatt Place
  • Growing area
  • Incredible retail and dining
  • Good access to entire valley

For those who seek convenience in every facet of their life, this area delivers. Whether you're a physician flying private or someone who prefers luxury apartments while paying off student loans, there's something here for everyone.

Grayhawk in Scottsdale.

Grayhawk Is Located North Of Loop 101

Luxury Living

Some of the more notable places to live in this area include:

  • Portico Luxury Condos
  • Potential future site of The Parque
  • Arabella
  • Magic Zip Code of 85254
  • Optima McDowell Mountain Village
  • Optima Kierland
  • Triple Crown
  • Grayhawk
  • Desert Ridge
  • Properties near the Westin Golf Club
  • Maxwell
  • Halsten Luxury Apartments
  • Cascade

Physicians, like all of us, seek comfort and luxury. The North Phoenix and North Scottsdale area are home to some of the most luxurious living spaces, with Optima McDowell Mountain Village being the densest real estate project ever planned for Scottsdale.

Hyatt House and Hyatt Place in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Hyatt House & Hyatt Place In Scottsdale

In Conclusion

We at WLH are not just observers of this transformation; we are active participants. We have sold TONS of real estate in this area. We know why the transformation is taking place. And we know what projects and areas we like best. Shall you be a person looking to learn more about pricing and inventory in the above corridors, let us know! We can get you up to speed on the overall area and help you understand what's planned for the future. With that said, we want to say THANK YOU for stopping by our website.

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