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What Area Of Scottsdale Should I Move To? How To Decide

Finding The Right Spot

Excited about moving to Scottsdale but wondering to yourself, 'What area should I move to'? We get it. In today's LUXE BLOG, we help you identify the ideal neighborhood. You see, Scottsdale is a BIG place. Living in one area can be MUCH different than living in another. Most importantly, we are going to load this blog with a TON of links to other pages and articles we've written about Scottsdale. That way you can learn about specific areas, trends, and things to do.

Cactus Corridor.

Scottsdale Features Numerous Areas Including The Cactus Corridor

Lifestyle Considerations

  • Your daily routine: Coffee shop aficionado? Avid biker or walker?
  • Your commute: Home office or frequent commuter?
  • Family dynamics: Young ones in tow or flying solo?
  • Importance of views: Crave desert vistas, mountain panoramas, or golf course glimpses?
  • Travel frequency: Regular jet-setter or occasional traveler?

For instance, if your daily commute is non-negotiable, McCormick Ranch's central location could be a game-changer. If majestic views are high on your list, consider the McDowell Mountains’ stunning views from DC Ranch.

Triple Crown, Scottsdale.

Triple Crown Is Located In the 85254 Zip Code

Residential Preferences

  • Privacy considerations: Crave solitude or enjoy a neighborly vibe?
  • Type of residence: Searching for a primary abode or a vacation hideaway?
  • Nightlife preferences: Love a vibrant nightlife scene or prefer quiet evenings at home?
  • Entertainment preferences: Dream of backyard barbecues or prefer to dine out?

Some Scottsdale areas, known for their sprawling yards and built-in entertainment spaces, might be just the ticket for those who love hosting. Yet, if you value privacy, certain neighborhoods could provide the tranquil sanctuary you desire.

ICON at Silverleaf.

ICON At Silverleaf Offers Premium High-End Luxury Condo Residences

Amenities & Activities

  • Need for amenities: Love resort-style living or prefer a more personalized home space?
  • Weekend activities: Enjoy outdoor adventures or urban experiences?
  • Preference for cooler temperatures: Want to escape the desert heat a bit?
  • Openness to other areas: Ever considered exploring beyond Scottsdale?

If you're fond of community amenities, several master-planned communities might tickle your fancy with their large pools, golf clubs, and walking paths. For those valuing cooler temperatures, northern Scottsdale could provide a welcome retreat. Areas such as Silverleaf and Troon are some of the more popular areas of northeast Scottsdale.

Phoenician Golf Club

The Phoenician Golf Club

Fiscal Factors

Your budget will undoubtedly guide your Scottsdale adventure. Balancing desires, necessities, and financial flexibility is vital for a satisfying move. While some areas may demand a larger investment, Scottsdale has diverse offerings to suit varied budget ranges. Keep in mind that Scottsdale is a mosaic of unique neighborhoods, each with its distinct charm and lifestyle.

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Las Palomas - Scottsdale, Arizona.

Las Palomas Features Waterfront Properties In McCormick Ranch

Narrowing Down Your Scottsdale Search

After pondering these pivotal questions, it's time to delve deeper and explore the neighborhoods that may have caught your eye. Remember, the aim is to find an area that doesn't just meet your needs, but also resonates with your personality. Some of the main communities include:

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DC Ranch, Scottsdale.

DC Ranch Is A High-End Master-Planned Community

The Daily Grind

  • What does your usual day look like?
  • Where do you spend most of your time?
  • What local amenities would enhance your daily life?

Consider the places you frequent. If you're a coffee aficionado, you might prefer a neighborhood teeming with trendy coffee shops. Fitness buffs might benefit from easy access to well-equipped gyms or scenic biking trails.

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Optima Kierland.

Optima Kierland Features 2 Buildings Featuring Luxury High-End Condo Units

Evaluating Family Needs

  • Are schools a crucial consideration?
  • What about proximity to parks and playgrounds?
  • Do you prefer a family-centric neighborhood?

If you have children, Scottsdale's family-friendly neighborhoods might appeal to you. Certain parts of the city provide easy access to excellent schools, spacious parks, and sport complexes that make family life enjoyable and convenient.

Portico Luxury Condos in North Scottsdale.

Portico Luxury Condos In North Scottsdale

A Home Suited To Your Lifestyle

  • Do you have a penchant for nightclubs, bars, and late-night restaurants?
  • Are you an early bird who prefers quiet evenings?
  • Do you appreciate having entertainment options within walking distance?

Your lifestyle and social habits can guide your neighborhood choice. Those who relish the nightlife may want to reside near the heart of Old Town Scottsdale. However, if tranquility is your goal, a quieter neighborhood might suit you better.

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Gainey Ranch., Scottsdale.

Gainey Ranch Is A Popular Choice For Many Residents OF Scottsdale

The Importance Of Scenic Vistas

  • Do you desire a home with a view?
  • Is a mountain backdrop a non-negotiable?
  • Or do you prefer lush golf course vistas?

For those drawn to Scottsdale's spectacular landscapes, a neighborhood like DC Ranch could offer the visual feast you crave, with homes boasting incredible views of the McDowell Mountains.

The Phoenician Golf Club.

Construction Taking Place On The Phoenician Golf Club

Frequent Flyer Considerations

  • Do you travel often for work or pleasure?
  • Is easy airport access essential?
  • Are you looking for a neighborhood close to major highways?

Your travel patterns can significantly influence your choice of locale. Scottsdale's proximity to Phoenix's international airport can vary, so it's worth considering neighborhoods that offer a straightforward commute.


Arabella Is A Master-Planned Community In 'The Magic Zip Code'

Recreation & Leisure

  • Do you love golf, hiking, or other outdoor pursuits?
  • Do you have a boat or RV that needs to be stored close to home?
  • Do you value proximity to shopping centers, restaurants, and cultural attractions?

Your recreational preferences play a key role in pinpointing your perfect location. Scottsdale's neighborhoods cater to a variety of hobbies, ensuring residents never run out of things to do.

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DC Ranch and Silverleaf.

Ask Yourself, What Area In Scottsdale Should I Move To?'

Home Style & Personal Space

  • Are you a fan of open floor plans or cozy, compartmentalized rooms?
  • Do you desire a sprawling backyard or a petite patio suffices?
  • Does your dream home include a pool, outdoor kitchen, or a luxurious deck?

Scottsdale's diverse real estate portfolio ensures a variety of styles to choose from. If you love hosting friends and family, a home with expansive outdoor entertaining space could be a top priority. However, if you're looking for a quiet retreat, you might favor a more secluded, intimate outdoor space.

McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale, Arizona.

The Entry To McCormick Ranch

Considering Your Budget

  • What's your price range for a new home?
  • Are you looking for a bargain, or is money no object?
  • Do you want a move-in-ready home, or are you up for some renovation work?

Undoubtedly, your budget will play a critical role in your neighborhood choice. It's essential to balance your wish list with the reality of real estate costs in your chosen part of Scottsdale.

McDowell Mountain Golf Club.

McDowell Mountain Golf Club

Venturing Beyond Scottsdale

  • Have you considered nearby communities like Fountain Hills or Paradise Valley?
  • What about the chic charm of Arcadia or the cultural vibe of Central Phoenix?
  • Are you willing to expand your search if you don't find exactly what you want in Scottsdale?

While Scottsdale offers a plethora of options, don't dismiss the idea of exploring nearby neighborhoods. You might find a hidden gem that checks all your boxes!

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The Phoenician Resort.

The Phoenician Resort.

Popular Communities

  • DC Ranch
  • Old Town Scottsdale
  • South Scottsdale
  • Troon North
  • Desert Mountain
  • Ancala
  • Cactus Corridor
  • Villa Monterey
  • Scottsdale Ranch
  • Grayhawk
  • The Magic Zip Code
  • The Boulders
  • Granit Mountain Ranch
  • Las Palomas
  • Pinnacle Peak
  • Downtown Phoenix
  • Paradise Valley Village
  • North Mountain Village
  • McDowell Mountain Ranch
  • Desert Ridge
  • Gainey Ranch
  • Silverleaf
  • Camelback East Village
  • Indian Bend
  • Troon Village
  • Legend Trail
  • Arabella
Portico Luxury Condos in North Scottsdale.

Portico Luxury Condos In North Scottsdale

Frequently Asked Questions

For those still asking themselves, 'Would area of Scottsdale should I move to?', we have put together these FAQs

Q: What types of homes are available in Scottsdale?

A: Scottsdale has a diverse real estate portfolio, with homes ranging from small apartments to sprawling estates, each featuring a variety of styles and amenities. There are also many luxury condo projects such as: Optima Camelback Village, Optima Kierland, Optima McDowell Mountain Village, ICON at Silverleaf, FENDI Private Residences, Ascent at the Phoenician, and Portico.

Q: I love outdoor activities. Will Scottsdale be a good fit for me?

A: Yes! Scottsdale caters to a wide variety of recreational preferences. Whether you enjoy golf, hiking, boating, shopping, or cultural attractions, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Q: I'm on a budget. Can I afford a home in Scottsdale?

A: Depending on your budget, you might have to balance your wish list with the reality of housing costs in your chosen part of Scottsdale.

Q: What if I don't find the home I want?

A: While Scottsdale offers a plethora of options, you can also consider nearby communities like Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, Arcadia, or Central Phoenix.

Q: I'm a foodie and love nightlife. Is Scottsdale a good fit for me?

A: Oh yea. A major reason to move to Scottsdale is the food and nightlife. Scottsdale is well-known for its vibrant nightlife. If you love dining out and enjoying the night, being close to Old Town Scottsdale could be a major plus. Featuring hotspots like Etta and True Food Kitchen, Kierland is another great area to consider.

Q: How's the commute time?

A: The commute time varies based on your location within Scottsdale. Some areas are centrally located, making commuting a breeze. Other areas are more remote.

Q: Are there family-friendly neighborhoods?

A: Yes, some parts of Scottsdale are more family-oriented, with proximity to schools, parks, green spaces, or sports complexes. It's an excellent city for raising kids.

Q: Can I find a home with a view?

A: Definitely! Many areas in Scottsdale, such as Silverleaf and DC Ranch, offer stunning views of the desert, mountains, or golf courses. The importance of a view can be a decisive factor in choosing your home.

Q: I'm looking for a second home. Is Scottsdale a good option?

A: Scottsdale is a popular destination for second homes. Many of our clients like to purchase investment properties in Old Town Scottsdale for its action and popularity. Some decide to Airbnb these homes, others seek to rent them out in hopes of finding tenants wanting year-round occupancy.

Scottsdale neighborhood

Scottsdale Features Hundreds Of Neighborhoods Spanning 184 Square Miles

In Closing

Choosing to move to a new city is daunting. We know, we sell real estate. With that said, we enjoy the process of helping. We know the city very well. And we have the right experience and connections to make your new life here something special. At the end of the day, finding the right agent and/or team who can help you is essential. We're here if you have any questions. Also, you can browse Scottsdale homes for sale on our main page. Enjoy your move.

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