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What Is The Cost Of Living In Scottsdale? Things To Consider

How Expensive Is Scottsdale?

Welcome to Scottsdale, Arizona, the land of luxury where the weather is hot, the golf courses are top-notch, and the cost of living isn't necessarily low. As knowledgeable agents and residents of this local market, Williams Luxury Homes understands Scottsdale well. In this edition of LUXE BLOG we share some tidbits on what it feels like to the pocket book to live here.

Private Schools

Do you want your child to get the best education? If so you're probably considering sending them to a private school. While tuitions vary, some of the more prestigious institutions charge upwards of $30,000 annually. We know, that more than a new watch!

Scottsdale, Arizona is home to a number of private schools, including Rancho Solano Preparatory School and Notre Dame Preparatory High School. Both of these schools are known for their excellent academics, extensive extracurricular offerings, and close-knit student communities. Additionally, many of the local private schools also offer scholarships and grants.

Scottsdale, Arizona

How Much Does It Cost To Live In Scottsdale, Arizona?

Real Estate

As of February, 2023, the median home price in Scottsdale is around $750,000. This might seem like a pretty penny, but we all know you can't put a price on living in a city where you can hit up a top-notch resort on a whim. And let's be real, you can't put a price on the stunning desert sunsets either.

Many rental homes and apartments are available if you need more time to dive into homeownership. Scottsdale offers a variety of housing options, from charming studio apartments to sizable estates.

Popular Scottsdale Communities In 2023 Include:

  • FENDI Private Residences
  • Silverleaf
  • Ascent at The Phoenician
  • Homes built by Camelot Homes
  • Portico
  • Optima McDowell Mountain Village
  • White Horse
  • North Scottsdale
McDowell Mountains From Optima Kierland

A View Of The McDowell Mountains From Optima Kierland


If you're used to relying on public transportation to get around, Scottsdale has a good system. However, if you're up for some scenic drives, then gas prices in Arizona are generally comparable to other places in the country. Just remember, if you buy a fancy gas-guzzling SUV to look good here, it WILL cost you more at the pump. And don't forget insurance. But hey, we ALL deserve to pamper ourselves.

It's very easy to catch a Lyft or Uber around Scottsdale. Unfortunately, the last we checked, Waymo had yet to offer FULLY AUTONOMOUS transportation in Scottsdale (although it does in many parts of the East Valley).

Luxury Homes In Scottsdale

Luxury Homes In Scottsdale Are Quite Pricey

On A Budget, Live Locally

Given that we are aware that not everyone has limitless resources at their disposal, Williams Luxury Homes has provided the following advice on how to live in Scottsdale on a tight budget:

  • Meal prep at home LOL. But let's face it. It's difficult to resist making memories with friends in all the Old Town Scottsdale hotspots!
  • Benefit from happy hour discounts at upscale eateries and resorts. Who doesn't enjoy a good deal on a fancy cocktail?
  • Enjoy nature by exploring one of the numerous hiking trails. Experience the desert's beauty for free sounds good to about everyone.
  • Visit discount stores or Farmers Markets. But don't worry, if you still splurge on the expensive cheese at Whole Foods, we won't judge you.

Is it feasible to live frugally in Scottsdale? Absolutely!

But some lifestyle changes might be necessary. However, if you are prepared and have the right attitude, you can still take advantage of Scottsdale's luxurious amenities without going over budget.

Scottsdale's Way Of Life

Scottsdale's Way Of Life Is Unlike Any Other City

Healthcare & Other Costs

Scottsdale offers top-notch healthcare with a wide variety of healthcare providers. Healthcare costs in Scottsdale can be high, but quality comes at a price. Therefore, ensure you have sufficient health insurance coverage before incurring any health-related expenses.

Scottsdale is roughly in line with national averages regarding other basic costs like groceries and utilities. However, if you want to lead a luxurious lifestyle, you might spend much money on upscale dining and entertainment. You only have one life, after all.

When It All Comes Down To It

Scottsdale living may be expensive but worth it. We at Williams Luxury Homes look forward to helping you access incredible Scottdale homes for sale. So that one day, like us, you'll be sipping margaritas by your sparkling pool, admiring the mesmerizing Sonoran Desert sunsets.

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