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Californians Fleeing To Arizona | Part 2 | With Nancy Pierson

Update To Our July 2020 Interview With Nancy Pierson, Equity Title Agency’s Sr. Business Development Manager

WLH: Nancy, we hear you have some updated info from our interview in July? What’s the latest in the Great California Real Estate Exodus of 2020?

Nancy: In a nutshell, Californians are taking a long, hard look at their reality. They’re realizing they’ll never be able to afford to purchase a home in California.

WLH: Anything else driving this?

Nancy: They’re looking for a path to more of a middle-class to upper-class life. That’s the American Dream. Who wants to work hard at a good-paying job yet only be able to afford a 700-square-foot guest house?


nancy pierson equity title

Nancy Pierson – Equity Title


WLH: Wow. And what impact is the prolonged pandemic having?

Nancy: It’s created opportunities for professionals to work remotely, especially the tech-industry crowd. There’s no longer a need to wait for a job transfer opportunity. You simply keep your position and work from your new home in Arizona.

WLH: Are you seeing any other new trends?

Nancy: Yes, due to travel restrictions, many Realtors are telling me their clients are selling their out-of-state summer homes as well as their Arizona winter homes.

WLH: To do what?

Nancy: They’re purchasing an upgraded ‘forever home’ in a resort-style or country club community in Greater Phoenix. This gives them affordability and better amenities.


california real estate exodus


WLH: Viola! Lifestyle upgrade complete. How long do you think Arizona will be on Californians radar as far as relocation?

Nancy: That’s a hard question, but let’s face it, Arizona has: 300 days of sunshine, lakes for boat enthusiasts, 22 national parks and monuments, and 400 golf courses.

WLH: What else? 🙂

Nancy: You can still experience all 4 seasons – just head up to Flagstaff or Pinetop which are relatively short drives. In both locations can be found fall leaves and snow skiing.

WLH: Arizona Snowbowl Ski Resort and Sunrise Park Resort are good fun. Once again, you’ve slayed it regarding California’s real estate exodus. How would’ve Walter Cronkite reached you?

Nancy: He would’ve called me, Nancy Pierson @ 602-769-1438.

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