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Californians Fleeing To Arizona | Part 1 | With Nancy Pierson

We Did It. Everyone Else Is Doing It. Nancy Pierson, Equity Title Agency's Sr. Business Development Manager Helps Us Understand

WLH: Nancy, we feel guilty. Many of us here at WLH were born in California yet moved out of state. Can you help us?

Nancy: You're not the only ones. In my role as Sr. Business Development Manager, I've seen a trend of Californians pulling up stake and (GASP), moving to states like Nevada and Arizona.

WLH: You've lived in Arizona your whole life, what's the cool appeal?

Nancy: Arizona has come a long way. You know the obvious reasons with Cali's density, traffic, air quality, commuting time, the taxes...


Nancy: Exactly that would turn anybody off. The worse natural disasters we have out here are monsoons and haboobs!

WLH: Haboobs doesn't even sound right. What are some other reasons?

Nancy: Arizona's a magnet for technology companies which makes us look cool. Also, depending on a Californian's income level, they can gain the luxury of feeling affluent. It's like going from coach to business class.

Californians fleeing to Arizona

WLH: What's the scoop on what they're looking for real estate wise, in say, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and Tempe?

Nancy: Tempe is adding an exciting element, the world's first car-free development. The appeal of living in Arizona is the wide-array of lifestyles and communities. You can go urban or go out west to Laveen and get more of a suburban feel.

WLH: We really love Downtown Gilbert.

Nancy: Yes that's such a great area for families. It's been ramping up with amazing local-owned restaurants who're a welcomed improvement over chain restaurants.

WLH: When Californians come to see the lay of the land, can you tell our audience why they always want to see Scottsdale?

Nancy: Yes typically Scottsdale and Paradise Valley because they have the 5-Star Resorts in that part of the valley. Plus Old Town Scottsdale is well known for the bar scene and restaurants. However, once Californians start talking to locals, it doesn't take them long to find out about other areas of the valley. And once they start investigating, they quickly find an area that appeals to them.

WLH: Thank you for all your info Nancy. How would've Walter Cronkite reached out to you?

Nancy: He would've called 602.769.1438 .

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