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Scottsdale Entertainment District | VIP Concierge Gem Ray

Scottsdale Entertainment District
Disruption & New Experience

Aaron: Greetings Gem. You’re Luxe Blog’s first guest for good reason.

Gem: Thank you Aaron, what do you want to discuss?

UFC Champion Henry Cejudo & Gem Ray

Aaron: Scottsdale Entertainment District’s latest happs, what should our audience know?

Gem:  2020’s Fall season offers much to look forward to. The first few months of COVID-19’s quarantine caused a disruption in the industry.

Aaron: I know what disruptions can do. They’re usually horrible for the old guard & awesome for consumers.

Gem: Absolutely. The Hospitality & Entertainment Industry rarely experiences “time”.  When the industry’s greatest minds are given time, they come up with cool, creative ideas. New things for people to experience.

Aaron: We at Williams Luxury Homes ask, are you plugging Luxe Blog’s audience into these new experience?

Gem: I love Luxe Blog’s audience! I’m always one text away @ 480-772-7613. I hope to see everyone soon.

Aaron: Thank you Gem. New experiences are fun 🙂


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