February 17, 2023

Why Are Californians Moving To Arizona? For Many Reasons

Why Are Californians Moving To Arizona? From A Lower Cost Of Living And A Warmer Climate To Much More, We Take A Closer Look.
January 12, 2023

Sorry CA, Your Residents And The Super Bowl Are Coming To AZ

In What Will Be A Major Event For Greater Phoenix And Arizona As A Whole, Super Bowl LVII Is About To Take Arizona By Storm!
September 12, 2022

Why Hollywood Celebs Are Moving To & Filming More In Arizona

What Are Some Of The Reasons Arizona Is One Of The Most Popular States Used By Major Production Companies To Film Shows & Movies?
June 18, 2022

Williams Luxury Homes’ Celeb & Sports Division Represents VIPs

Williams Luxury Homes' Celeb & Sports Division Caters To High-Expectation Clientele Such As: Athletes, Famous Personalities, & CEOs.
April 27, 2022

How Do Californians Typically Feel After Moving To Arizona?

We Wrote This Quick Edition Of LUXE BLOG For Those Who've Ever Wondered How Californians Feel After Moving To Arizona. Enjoy.
February 20, 2022

Is Arizona’s Real Estate Becoming More Expensive Than California’s?!

When It Comes To Luxury Real Estate In Both Arizona And California, Is It Possible The Grand Canyon State Could Outprice The Golden State?
August 30, 2021

Is AZ’s Greater Phoenix About To Witness A High-Rise Condo Boom?

With An Influx Of Californians, And A Lack Of Prime-Location Land, Is Phoenix, AZ Due For A High-Rise Condo Development Boom?
August 15, 2021

Will The Delta Variant Further Harm California’s Real Estate Market?

When It Comes To The Pandemic And The California Real Estate Exodus, The Delta Variant Is Yet Another Blow To The Golden State.
July 30, 2021

The Silicon Desert & The Great California Exodus

As Great Phoenix Continues To Benefit From The Great California Exodus, The Silicon Desert Is Becoming More Of A Thing. Read More!