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That Time You Heard California Sleeping Pods We’re $900 A Month

CA Sleeping Pods

Welcome to LUXE BLOG! The Greater Phoenix area has become a popular destination for Californians looking to escape skyrocketing housing costs. But have you ever stopped to consider just how extreme housing conditions in California have become? Today, let's discuss an innovative yet unsettling trend: renting 4-foot "sleeping pods".

The Origin Of Capsule Hotels

Capsule hotels took off in Japan during the late '70s as a solution for busy businessmen.

  • First capsule hotel: Osaka, 1979
  • Target audience: Salarymen missing the last train
  • Expanded audience: Tourists, students, and more

From a pragmatic lodging option for salarymen, capsule hotels have evolved. Now, they attract a wider demographic, including students and tourists.

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Photo of a capsule hotel in Japan.

Capsule Hotels Are Quite Popular In Japan

The Sleeping Pod Phenomenon

The concept of sleeping pods is both fascinating and a tad disconcerting. Offered by Brownstone Shared Housing, these pods have popped up in locations like Palo Alto, San Francisco, and Bakersfield. What makes this so intriguing? Well...

  • Pods are 3.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
  • Just enough space for a twin mattress.
  • Equipped with LED lights and charging stations.
  • Cost between $500 and $900 per month.
  • Shared spaces: Bathrooms and storage lockers

The fact that these pods are becoming an attractive option speaks volumes about California's housing state. They're far from luxurious but are gaining traction as a somewhat affordable option in an expensive market.

Brownstone Shared Housing

Brownstone Shared Housing is a startup with a unique solution for the crisis. Founders James Stallworth and Christina Lennox aim to tackle the issue directly. Both have personally struggled with housing in the past.

  • Offering 50 beds across three properties
  • 49 of those beds are already booked
  • Plans for expansion are in the works

James and Christina aren't strangers to the struggles of housing; they've faced them head-on. Their venture seems to be gaining traction, signaling a growing trend that might just become more mainstream.

Pods Vs. Traditional Housing

Why are people considering this? We need to look at the numbers for context.

  • Median studio in Bakersfield: $995.
  • Median studio in San Francisco: $2,200.
  • Median studio in Palo Alto: $2,300.

Would you believe it? When faced with these steep prices, a $900 pod looks like a "bargain."

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Photo of a capsule hotel in Japan.

From Functional To Techy, Sleeping Pods Offer A Wide Range Of Features

Who's Living In These Pods?

People from all walks of life are considering this unconventional housing. In fact, some PREFER it due to ease of use and a sense of community.

  • Recent college grads.
  • Designers.
  • AI startup founders.

You might think these pods are only attracting those desperate for housing. However, it's not just about the money. Residents cite the sense of community and network opportunities as benefits. Many of the residents are young professionals with BIG ideas.

Final Thoughts

Albeit creative? Sleeping pods are an unsurprising response to California's brutal housing market. We monitor housing trends nationwide as a real estate brokerage serving the Greater Phoenix area. Stay tuned to LUXE BLOG for more insights into the ever-changing housing landscape. And if you're one of the many Californians considering a move to Greater Phoenix, you know who to call.

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