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The Golden Margarita | VIP Concierge Gem Ray Does It Again!

Gem Ray Opens 'The Golden Margarita'

WLH: Welcome back Gem. The last time you appeared on LUXE BLOG, you spoke of how when given time, the great minds of hospitality and entertainment really shine. Remind us why.

Gem: When we last talked, we thought the pandemic would be much more tame by Q4 2020. Its extension gave us more time to create totally new experiences for clients.

WLH: Like what?

Gem: We opened a new concept on 3rd and Roosevelt called The Golden Margarita. Christmas night will be our 90th night open.

michael blackson - the golden margarita

Gem Ray & Michael Blackson

WLH: Tell us about it!

Gem: It's a twist of many different things. It's very spacious and located on the ground level of a five-story luxury apartment complex.

WLH: We know about The Roosevelt Row Apartment Homes. Since we haven't been in yet, what's The Gold Margarita experience?

Gem: It's a fun, energetic place. The spaciousness ensures CDC guidelines are being respected. It's a very open-minded spot as well. We're very welcoming to anyone looking for a new experience or something new to do!

gem ray

Gem Ray Is A Good Person To Know

WLH: We knew you'd find a way to shine in 2020 Gem. Anything else you'd like to discuss?

Gem: As always, I love speaking with WLH. 2020 has been a challenging year yet it gave those of us in the Hospitality & Entertainment Industry ample time to lay the groundwork for a fantastic 2021.

WLH: We're excited. How does LUXE BLOG's audience obtain VIP access to The Golden Margarita?

Gem: For them? I'm one text away @ 480.772.7613 .

WLH: Perfect :)

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