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Why Hollywood Celebs Are Moving To & Filming More In Arizona

Hooray For, Well, Arizona!

While we're not certain why the Scottdale Police Dept. felt the need to release a recent friendly interaction with famous actor Rob Schneider, we did like what Rob said. Basically, as he awaited help for his broken-down car, he was telling officers how he loved Scottsdale and how he had just finished filming his new movie Daddy Daughter Trip here in AZ. More importantly, he mentioned how EVERYONE is coming here and how they want to do MORE productions in the Greater Phoenix area. Below are some interesting tidbits about celebrities and film production when it comes to the Grand Canyon State.

  • More than 5,000 shows and movies have been filmed in Arizona
  • New life was injected into AZ's film industry in 2016
  • Many new projects are ahead including HBO's Duster
  • Celebrities see Greater Phoenix as the West Coast's South Beach
  • Famous and/or wealthy figures fit right in in Arizona
  • Governor Doug Ducey recently implemented a new $125 Million tax credit for film studios
  • Let's not forget Californians are leaving the state as fast as they can

When It Comes To...

When it comes to luxury real estate and celebrity owned homes in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley, it's a big thing. A simple Google search will help you find tons of huge names that call this place home. And that is why we created the Celeb & Sports Division at Williams Luxury Homes. Focused on protecting the wealth and privacy of discerning figures, the division was created by Aaron Auxier and William Lewis.

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