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Pandemics, Protests, & Politics | Americans Ditch Urban For Suburban

Manhattan to South Carolina? Los Angeles to Phoenix?

Welcome back to LUXE BLOG. Rather than bore you with stats, facts, this’, & that’s, I’m going to keep it simple. After reading this post, I encourage everyone to Google “homeowners urban to suburban”. There’s loads of info that not even I knew. And I’ve been in the luxury real estate game for 17 years, not much surprises me but this phenom did.

That’s what Pandemics, Protests, & Politics will do to a person.

Top 10 Migration Metros (Per Redfin – Search Data April-May 2020)

  1. Phoenix
  2. Sacramento
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Atlanta
  5. Austin
  6. Dallas
  7. Tampa
  8. Miami
  9. Nashville
  10. Charlotte 
Americans Ditch Urban for Suburban

Americans Ditch Urban for Suburban


Remember the Urbanization boom of say 2006-2014?

The urbanization trend is said to have been led by Millennials. Not only are they the ones leading the 2020 suburban boom, I want to point out, back in the day, Gen Xrs such as myself, along with many of our Baby Boomer clients were purchasing mid- and high-rise condos near city centers. As an example, I sold $30-40 Million worth of luxury high-rise condos on the Vegas Strip between 2005-2008.

My point? Since COVID-19 hit, the same above-mentioned generations are inquiring about Arizona’s burbs in Arcadia, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley.



Urban to Suburban

Urban to Suburban



Pandemics. Protests. Politics. Or All Three?

While most mainstream articles on this topic credit the COVID-19 pandemic and politics, stats show the urban to suburban trend began late 2018. And each and every day we get closer to the election? The hits on WilliamsLuxuryHomes.com increase.

Seeing what I see? All three of 2020’s primary problems are to blame. Or should I say to credit?


Want to learn more?

Feel free to contact us and/or check this California to Arizona interview I did with Equity Title’s Nancy Pierson. She dropped some good knowledge.


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