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Year-Over-Year Analysis Of The Scottsdale Real Estate Market

Scottsdale Market Update

At Williams Luxury Homes, we've been closely monitoring the Scottsdale real estate market, and our most recent year-over-year analysis has revealed some fascinating trends. Today on LUXE BLOG we will be going over the details. We hope this helps you better understand what these changes mean for the market. 2023 was a year of noteworthy developments in Scottsdale's real estate sector. As always, if you have any questions about real estate in Scottsdale, feel free to reach out to us at anytime. Here's a closer look at key statistics. 

Active Listings & Sales

  • Active listings increased: We saw a 1.8% rise in active listings.
  • Sold listings saw significant growth: A remarkable 11.3% increase in sold listings.
  • Median sale price per square foot: An upswing of 9.2%.

These figures indicate a market that's not only resilient but also growing in demand and value. While substantial, the 9.2% rise in median sale price represents a shift towards more stable growth rates, especially when compared to the dramatic spikes between 2019 and early 2022.

A luxury home for sale in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale Witnessed An 11.3% Increase In Sold Listings

Market Appreciation

  • Growth remains strong: Although not in double digits, the growth rate is robust.
  • Stabilization: The market is stabilizing post the rapid increases of the past.
  • Healthy appreciation rate: The market is aligning more closely with historical norms.

This trend points to a maturing market, suggesting a sustainable growth path ahead.

Supply Dynamics

  • Months of supply decreased significantly: A steep 88.6% drop.
  • Current status: The market is at 3.79 months of supply.
  • Implications: This indicates a sellers' market, driven by high demand and limited inventory.

The dramatic decrease in months of supply, influenced by expectations of dropping interest rates, signals a market where swift action and strategic decision-making are essential.

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A top-down image of Scottsdale, Arizona.

As Of Early 2024, Scottsdale Only Has 3.79 Months Of Supply

Segment-Specific Insights

Price Point Breakdown

  • Varied trends in different segments: Each price range shows unique characteristics.
  • Luxury segment nuances: High-end properties display distinct market dynamics.

Median Days On Market

  • Decrease in median days: A significant drop of 23.5%.
  • What this means: Properties are selling faster, hinting at a competitive market landscape.

Luxury Market Overview

  • Unique dynamics in luxury properties: Some segments are nearing a balanced market.
  • Importance of nuanced analysis: Understanding these trends is vital for high-end property transactions.

Buyer & Seller Market Insights

  • Understanding market conditions is key: Each price range has its own dynamics, which affects decision-making for both buyers and sellers.
  • Strategic approach needed: Navigating these conditions requires a well-informed and strategic approach.

Seasonal Market Trends

  • Impact of local events and seasons: These factors can significantly influence market activity.
  • Inventory and demand fluctuations: Potential shifts in these areas are critical for timing in the market.

Market Possibilities For 2024

  • Dynamic market expected: The Scottsdale market is poised to remain vibrant.
  • Navigational advice: Staying informed and adaptable is crucial for success in 2024's market.

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A drone shot of the city of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Scottsdale's Real Estate Market Is Expected To Remain Vibrant In 2024

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