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Scottsdale Wins Award From The CDG For Its Use Of Tech

Scottsdale Tech Shines

Hello LUXE BLOGGERS. We hope your holiday weekend is going good. Scottsdale's been in the news for their use of technology. In fact, they recently were recognized by The Center for Digital Government. CDG's 2023 Digital Cities 23rd annual survey ranked Scottsdale the top digital city in the nation with a population between 125,000 and 249,999. Today we will simply be glancing over the details.

Award-Winning Tech Moves

Scottsdale's getting high-fives all around for its tech game:

  • Top of the Tech Game: Scottsdale is adapting to rapid tech change faster than many cities.
  • Tech Superstars: This award's all about cities that are wizards with tech, making life better for everyone.
  • Tech Focus: They're all about keeping our data safe, being open, and solving real-world problems.

A woman using a laptop.

Kudos To Leadership

Scottsdale leaders are doing a good job.

  • Visionary Leaders: The Chief Information Officer and their crew are doing a great job.
  • Tech Makeover: They're using AI, the Internet of Things, and super-smart data stuff to upgrade everything.
  • People Power: They're making sure everyone can get in on the digital action.

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A motherboard.

Privacy & Trust

Scottsdale's not just tech-smart, they're also thinking about our rights:

  • Digital Do's and Don'ts: They've got rules to keep our digital secrets safe.
  • Trust Factor: They're using all this new tech in ways people can feel safe about.

In Closing

Scottsdale's tech transformation isn't just about fancy gadgets; it's about making a city that really listens. Not to mention that is open and works for its people. The big thumbs-up from the CDG is deserved to city leaders' hard work in making life better. It's a nice thing to see. Especially with all the recent news and advancements regarding artificial intelligence. It's reasons like this award that projects like the newly approved The Parque have so current and potential future residents excited. We can't wait to see what happens in 2024!

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