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WLH Interviews Our Founder & Team Leader, William Lewis!

Talkin' Shop With William Lewis

WLH: How's it going William?

WILLIAM: Good, just enjoying the holidays.

WLH: Enjoying the holidays, working during the holidays, or both?

WILLIAM: All of the above! That's the real estate industry for you.


Photo of luxury real estate agent William Lewis.

William And Luna In Egypt!

WLH: We get it. With that said, what do you enjoy most about running Williams Luxury Homes?

WILLIAM: There's two main components, the real estate side, and the running the team part. Both are challenging. Challenge is something I love.

WLH: When it comes to influential clients, how do you protect their best interests and ensure that their real estate transactions go smoothly?

WILLIAM: There's a whole bunch involved. I don't like to see high-net-worth individuals have their finances or privacy put at risk. So I put much effort into protecting both of those aspects for my clients. There's much that goes into that.

WLH: Awesome. Can you tell us a little bit about your family? How do they support you in your career and what role do they play in your life outside of work?

WILLIAM: They are my everything. As an associate broker, my wife Majo Mansour helps me run the team. As far as my son Christian and my daughter Luna, they are just incredible kids.


Photo of William Lewis.

William Lewis On The Set Filming A New TV Show

WLH: We know you enjoy traveling and eating healthy. Can you share some of your favorite destinations and healthy eating habits with us?

WILLIAM: In summer of 2022, Majo and I took the kids to Egypt and to Greece. It was simply a fantastic experience. As far as eating, as a child nutritionist and founder of, Majo creates healthy dishes that will blow your mind.

WLH: Sounds lovely William. And we know, because we get to eat her food all of the time! Lastly, as one of the top producers in Arizona, you must be a very successful and driven person. How do you maintain a down-to-earth attitude despite your success?

WILLIAM: Having a good attitude is key to a healthy existence and maintaining strong relationships with clients (as well as colleagues). I also exercise regularly, enjoy cold plunges, and enjoy attending concerts and sporting events!

WLH: Go Suns! With that said, thank you for stopping by LUXE BLOG!

Want to learn more? Check out William Lewis' bio at the link.

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