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WLH Catches Up With The President Of Our Celeb & Sports Div.

Real Estate, Branding, & Technology

WLH: Being the president of our Celeb & Sports Division, what is it that most drives you?

AA: The same things that drove me when I first got licensed in 2004. I love learning and working. Obviously, the first area I put apply my knowledge to is protecting our clients. I don't like seeing wealthy and/or high-status individuals getting taken advantage of.

WLH: What are some of the ways the Celeb & Sports Division protects its clients?

AA: Experience. William and I have 40 years of combined experience representing CEOs and celebrities. We know their world and how to protect their privacy and wealth. The division also represents many physicians, attorneys, etc.

WLH: Where are such individuals purchasing real estate at in 'The Valley'?

AA: Areas such as Silverleaf and enclaves within PV are the most sought-after. Properties around, and within, the new Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley are also growing in popularity because The Palmeraie is expected to become the Rodeo Drive of Arizona. Ascent at The Phoenician is another project some are choosing for high-level conveniences. Also, we have dozens of CEOs, physicians, athletes, etc. registered at FENDI Private Residences and Optima McDowell Mountain Village.


Photo of Aaron Auxier & William Lewis.

Aaron Auxier & William Lewis

WLH: Why do you love branding as much as you do?

AA: I believe in speaking your truth. There is something called the 'Louis Vuitton Method'. Basically, when someone wants that perfect accessory, they immediately think of Louis Vuitton. At this point, it doesn't have to be sold. The consumers' minds are already ingrained with the fact they will get quality, attention, etc. It is a brand that was created with passion. Life is about living out your purpose and sharing your 'why'.

WLH: We hear that! What can you tell us about artificial intelligence? Are Robo Realtors coming?!

AA: Well, I love technology. No robot talk is needed right now. But for sure things such as AI, blockchain, and smart contracts are going to come into play over the next few years. Anyone who denies that is either lacking in knowledge or suffering from cognitive dissonance. Will human agents still be relevant for some time to come? Of course.

WLH: Wow, Aaron thanks for the info. Anything else?

AA: You're welcome. I want to express my gratitude for being with Williams Luxury Homes. William Lewis is a great person. The culture we all share as agents and brokers is terrific. Running the Celeb & Sports Division and being a part of WLH means so much to me.

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