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Williams Lewis & Aaron Auxier Stop By LUXE BLOG To Chat

WLH Catches Up With Our Very Own

Recently, Williams Lewis and Aaron Auxier stopped by LUXE BLOG. In the below chit chat, they discuss celebrity real estate and why they do what they do.


Hi there, Aaron and William! Let's start with a simple question, what inspired you to create the Celeb & Sports Division?

William: Simple. It was our passion for protecting others. We kept helping high-profile clients overcome unique concerns and obstacles when it came to buying and selling real estate. We wanted to create a division to cater to those needs. So, back in 2019, we did.

Aaron: And it's not just about the bottom line. We care about our clients and their well-being in terms of their privacy, security, and overall happiness. The Celeb & Sports Division is fluent in these areas.

William: Exactly. This isn't just about selling properties. We're building relationships. We're providing a boutique and specialized real estate experience.


That's great to hear! Now, I'm sure our readers are curious, what are some of the biggest challenges you face?

Aaron: Well, privacy is always a top concern. For many reasons, high-profile figures' real estate happenings must be confidential. That means working closely with their attorneys, financial managers, sports agents, and others to ensure that they're protected. It means a whole bunch of things, actually.

William: Security is another issue. Many of our clients require a high level of personal protection. We work with their security teams. Basically, a community and/or property has to accommodate their team's needs. This could mean anything from the HOA to how guard-gate access works.

Aaron: Not to mention the lifestyle factor. Our clients have high expectations when it comes to the communities, homes, and the amenities they seek. We find them special pieces of inventory. Then we negotiate on their behalf.


I can hear both of your guys' passion. What sets the Celeb & Sports Division at Williams Luxury Homes apart from similar divisions?

Aaron: Well, for starters, I think there's only one or two others in the valley. I want people to know that William and I have both been representing high-profile figures since 2004. We love what we do and are good at it. It's deeply important for us to communicate our message.

William: We're committed to building long-term relationships. It's a win/win for everyone. Plus we make it a human experience, which people appreciate. Listen, it all boils down to if it's in your DNA to love doing this.


Aaron Auxier & William Lewis.

Aaron Auxier & Williams Lewis


You're correct William! What can you guys tell us about your new reality TV show?

Aaron: We can't give out the title or talk about where it will air, but it's going to be awesome. We're about 1/3rd done filming Season 1.

William: We banter a lot on it. Aaron always loses.

Aaron: LMAO. Not.


Can't wait to see it. I have to ask, what's the wildest thing that's ever happened to you two?

Aaron: Oh man, there have been so many heart-stopping moments over the years. I remember one time we were filming a celebrity's Paradise Valley property for a video and the drone crashed. Other than that I have nothing further to say. Hah.

William: I'll leave it where Aaron did.


Before we wrap up, do you have any exciting projects or deals in the works that you'd like to share?

William: Well, we have a very high-profile client who is looking for a very unique and special property in Paradise Valley. We can't give away more details other than that. If anyone reading this blog is an owner of a property in PV, let us know.

Aaron: I want to end this talk by sharing how we're constantly building new relationships with professionals in the entertainment, sports, tech, medical, and fashion industries, among others. We believe that real estate is all about connections. We're always looking to network.

William: Well said.

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