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Why Do We NOT Just Sell Ultra Luxury High-End Real Estate?

It Goes Against The Code

What code? The code of life. The code of business. What do we mean by that? Passionate real estate isn't about numbers, it's about helping others. Doing things the right way; for the right reasons. When creating our Scottsdale real estate team, William Lewis had a vision. To hand-select EVERY agent first and foremost based on their CHARACTER. To this day, this is how we roll. We're a tight-knit group of individuals who consider each other family. Together, we work every single day to set a good example for our industry.


One of our luxury agents had two different people (in one day) mention they'd like to buy real estate but they knew, "he only sold luxury". Our agent knows these people. He cares about them too. Happily, he let them know he'd be grateful to help them. And look, we'll keep it real. If one of us is too caught up in the middle of several multi-million-dollar transactions, for the sake of the other client, we will ask another agent on our team (that is less busy at the time) to help the client.

With That Said

Williams Luxury Homes will NEVER leave anyone hanging. If there's a ready, willing, and able buyer of real estate (at any price), we will do EVERYTHING we can to help. This is not only what William Lewis taught us, it's the code of which we live.Thank you for reading today's edition of LUXE BLOG :)

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