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What We Want You To Know About Why We Do Real Estate

A Group Of Passionate, Unique Individuals

Just as every real estate agent, brokerage, and or team has a story to tell about why you should work with them, this blog is more about WHY we do what we do. It's not so much a sales pitch as it is simply CONNECTING with the world on a human level. You see, we feel that humans go together like peanut butter and jelly. And when you do something for the right reasons (being a giver), you don't have to necessarily SELL yourself or your product. As a boutique team of Scottsdale real estate agents specializing in lifestyles, luxury, and investments, we are all passionate and all unique. Like every human, each of us has our own quirks and strengths. Led by one of the top-producing agents in Arizona history, William Lewis, we were ALL hand-picked based on these very reasons.

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So Why Do We Do What We Do?

Many might think that it's because there's a TON of money in this game. And there is. But let us be blunt. To us? This is about the love of NICHE real estate and INDIVIDUAL relationships. If you look at the psychology of the most successful entrepreneurs, you'll find they're not focused on an end goal, instead, they focus on the daily activities between the start of their journey and the end of it. That's us. And based on these principles, William Lewis himself hand-picked each and every one of us to join the The Squad at Williams Luxury Homes. We wanted to tell you about it. Thank you for reading.

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