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Feel Good Update: Water Flows Again In Rio Verde Foothills

Water Restored

Back in mid-September on LUXE BLOG, we discussed a collaboration between the Scottsdale City Council and the Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe District. This addressed the water supply challenges in the Rio Verde Foothills area. Regarding the situation, we have good news.

The Latest

  • Water resumed on Monday, Oct. 9, at 7 a.m.
  • EPCOR spearheads the initiative in collaboration with Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe District

After a hiatus of more than nine months, the residents of Rio Verde Foothills are witnessing the restoration of their water supply. Thanks to EPCOR, water began reaching the Rio Verde Foothills community under an agreement with the district. Good news for residents.

Background & Partnerships

  • EPCOR collaborates with Rio Verde Foothills Standpipe District
  • The partnership acts as a bridge to a long-term solution

While EPCOR isn't the primary water service provider for Rio Verde Foothills, they've been approached to partner with the Standpipe District to bridge the gap. 

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Photo of a water faucet.

Water Resumed To Rio Verde Foothills On Oct. 9th, 2023

What's Next?

  • Using Scottsdale's standpipe is a temporary measure
  • EPCOR's standpipe application is under Arizona Corporation Commission's review

Transferring EPCOR's water through Scottsdale's standpipe is an interim solution. As for a more permanent solution, the Arizona Corporation Commission is evaluating EPCOR's application for a new standpipe. If it gets a green light, the construction might span up to three years (from the approval date).

Clarification On Communities

The Rio Verde Foothills is distinct from the Verde golf communities. The Foothills lie between 172nd Street and the City of Scottsdale's boundary to the west. Meanwhile, communities like Rio Verde, Tonto Verde, and Trilogy at Verde River lie east of 172nd Street, up to the Verde River, and have a stable water supply from EPCOR Water.

In Conclusion

Restoring water supply in the Rio Verde Foothills is a testament to community collaboration and strategic partnerships. It ensures residents have a dependable water source. Want more news that affects residents of 'The Valley'? Here on LUXE BLOG, we report everything from real estate market stats to helpful tips. If you enjoyed this content, we invite you to check back.

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