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TikTok Is Hiring Staff For Office In Old Town Scottsdale’s Galleria

TikTok's Expansion Into Old Town

TikTok is planting its digital footprint in Scottsdale's tech landscape, selecting the Galleria Corporate Centre as its latest ground for growth. This move is not just about office space; it's a signal of the burgeoning tech scene in Old Town Scottsdale. With a suite of positions open and the Galleria's tech hub status, TikTok's arrival could mark a significant tech employment boost in the area.

The New Office Dynamics

The Galleria Corporate Centre is set to become a new hive of activity for TikTok.

  • TikTok lease: 58,477 square feet in Galleria.
  • Hiring initiative: Four roles currently open.
  • Lack of signage: No immediate TikTok branding visible.
  • Broker silence: CBRE and Stockdale's no-comment stance.

The leasing of a substantial office space by TikTok introduces a fresh pulse to the Galleria's ecosystem. Despite the silence from brokers and the absence of visible TikTok branding, the buzz is unmistakable. These developments hint at a future where Old Town Scottsdale could become synonymous with tech innovation.

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Galleria Corporate Centre In Old Town Scottsdale

TikTok Leased Space At Galleria Corporate Centre In Summer 2023

Galleria's Tech Hub Attraction

The Galleria is not just a building; it's becoming the nucleus of Scottsdale's tech sector.

  • Tech-centric tenant mix: Zillow, Square, Indeed.
  • Demand surge: Increased interest in Galleria spaces.
  • Flight to quality: Emphasis on high-value market segments.
  • Prestigious certification: WiredScore Gold 2023.

With its premium tenant roster and recent WiredScore Gold certification, the Galleria is riding high on the tech wave. The building has become an emblem of digital connectivity excellence, fostering an environment where cutting-edge companies thrive.

The Broader Tech Landscape

The context of TikTok's move extends beyond the Galleria, reflecting wider market trends.

  • Tech exits: Companies like Yelp reducing footprints.
  • Market shifts: DoorDash, Peloton among those downsizing.
  • Space availability: 15,000 to 70,000 square feet on offer.

In a landscape where other tech giants are re-evaluating their physical presence, TikTok's lease signifies a counter-current. The company's commitment to establishing a significant office space may herald a new chapter for the tech industry in Scottsdale.

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Galleria Corporate Centre In Old Town Scottsdale

TikTok Has Recently Been Hiring For Their New Location In Old Town

The Galleria's Transformation

Stockdale's vision has transformed the Galleria from retail past to tech future.

  • Adaptive reuse: From mall to modern office space.
  • Strategic investment: Heavily revamped for today's market.
  • Historic roots: An evolution since 1991.

Stockdale Capital Partners has reimagined the Galleria, positioning it as a prime location for tech giants and startups alike. This transformation underscores a strategic foresight, aligning with the current market's pivot towards quality and connectivity.

Looking Ahead

TikTok's strategic leasing move at the Galleria is more than a real estate transaction; it's a clear indicator of the city's growing appeal to tech innovators. As the Galleria cements its position as a preeminent tech hub, and TikTok begins populating its new Scottsdale roles, the synergy between this dynamic space and the inventive force of its tenants promises a vibrant future for the local tech scene. With the potential to attract top talent, bolster the employment landscape, and spark further digital advancement, TikTok's presence in Scottsdale is set to be a game-changer.

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