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Open AI’s Release Of ChatGPT Has Real Estate Agents Trippin’

A New Era, Same Human Behavior

Let's just say it, discovering ChatGPT for the first time feels like magic. Different people react in unique ways. Some go into denial, others are confused. Heck, some get angry and say it is fake. LOL. With that out of the way, a new heroin-like product has reached the mainstream. That drug is called AI. But why does it have real estate agents acting silly?

A Few Thoughts

  • Many agents suddenly think they know SEO, creative content, social media, etc.
  • Agents are scrambling to produce tons of content in a very non-organic way
  • Entire state Realtor boards are having meetings over ChatGPT. NAR will likely chime in soon
  • Realtors are competitive. Expect massive battles for dominance (just like PPC and organic search)
  • The smart real estate agents will get smarter, while the other 80%, well, you know

The Release Of ChatGPT

The release of ChatGPT has introduced a sense of unease into many different industries. Even though many people are concerned about the effect that AI will have on their future, the businesses that are willing to adapt to the changing environment and interact with new APIs like ChatGPT are the ones that will be able to survive and thrive in the new environment.

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The Advent Of ChatGPT Has Real Estate Agents Trying Everything :)

How WLH Handles Tech

Here at Williams Luxury Homes, a real estate team in Scottsdale, Arizona, we combine tech with a HEAVY DOSE of HUMANTY. How do we do that? Well, we're creative, artistic people. Prior to luxury real estate, many of us have owned our own businesses. With our Celeb & Sports Division, we mingle with some of the most powerful corporate execs in the world. We've also had a tech division for many years. Yet, most importantly? We are CHARISMATIC. We are human.

The Main Point Is

There are no secret shortcuts to success. We see many real estate agents finding FALSE HOPE in ChatGPT. Ever heard how 20% do 80% of the business? Just because humanity has radical new tools in its hands, doesn't mean everyone will be power users. Smart work only works via HARD WORK. Thanks for stopping by

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