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Sorry CA, Your Residents And The Super Bowl Are Coming To AZ

More Winning

Super Bowl LVII is coming to the valley, and everyone at Williams Luxury Homes is ecstatic to be a part of it. Our region has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to host massive amounts of tourists while our great state reaps the financial benefits. Poor California; they just can NOT get a win.

Super Bowl LVII will have a significant impact on Arizona's economy, not only due to the increased commerce and influx of tourists but also due to the event's ability to promote the state as a destination location. This, in turn, will be yet another chance for hundreds of thousands of people to learn about the Arizona real estate market. After all, it's something most investors look into.

Did we mention this will be our first Super Bowl since sports betting was legalized in Arizona? We are sure the casinos are excited about that.

There Is Much To This Event

Tourism agencies have been working diligently to attract visitors to destinations in the valley. There will also be much-increased air traffic at local airports, including Sky Harbor and Scottsdale Airport. In fact, we have friends and clients flying in on private jets for the occasion!

In addition to everything above, the Waste Management Phoenix Open will utilize the Super Bowl's popularity to attract new spectators to their upcoming tournament. The National Football League, its partners and sponsors, celebrities, global media, and other event attendees will be accommodated in thousands of hotel rooms.


Life Is Good

Californians are searching for a new residences in Arizona. With 300 sunny days, 22 national parks and monuments, 400 golf courses, and countless lakes, AZ in an ideal location,. In Flagstaff and Pinetop you can experience all four seasons. Californians are also relocating to Arizona to escape the state's expensive housing market. Not to mention to take advantage of the great outdoors. Who desires to fight population density, traffic, air quality, commuting time, and taxes?

The fact that the Super Bowl is being played in Greater Phoenix excites us. We can't wait to see the positive effects that the event will have on the local economy. If you are visiting the area and would like to discuss the local real estate market, we'd be happy to assist. Recently, we've been helping our clients get registered at Optima McDowell Mountain Village as well as the FENDI Private Residences. If you want on their interest lists, let us know!

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