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3 Very Important Factors For Professional Athlete Relocation

3 Important Factors

When it comes to pro athletes being traded and facing relocation to Phoenix and/or Scottsdale, it's quite daunting. From having to pack your bags in the middle of a season to uprooting one's family, it's just plain difficult. One of the biggest examples is when SHAQ got traded to the Phoenix Suns. He literally went into a local Walmart and charged 50k worth of TVs, clothes, and more - just for the temporary apartment the team got him. Quite funny, his credit card got denied because American Express thought it was fraud. And when they called his cell phone, they actually spoke to The Big Aristotle himself. In line at Walmart!

Today we quickly go over three important factors our Celeb & Sports Division focuses on when helping pro athletes move to 'The Valley'.

Photo reflecting pro athlete relocation to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Williams Luxury Homes Specializes In Pro Athlete Relocation To Scottsdale.

3 Factors of Relocation

Finding a new home within 30 minutes of three important destinations:

  1. The airport
  2. The training facility
  3. The stadium

That's it! You learn something new everyday.

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