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Celeb & Sports Division Begins Annual Spring Training Program

Play (Real Estate) Ball

One of our specialties at Williams Luxury Homes is celebrity real estate representation. From protecting the privacy of Fortune 500 executives to helping baseball players locate Spring Training property rentals, we LOVE protecting our clients. Every year, we help several MLB players find the place they'll call home for a couple of months. Today we'll discuss a few items of interest.

What Players Usually Seek

Everything from 2 bedroom luxury townhomes and mid-rise condos in prime locations to custom-built homes in areas such as: Paradise Valley, the Biltmore area, DC Ranch, Silverleaf, and others.

Important Factors

Price, privacy, location, furnishings, amenities, area lifestyle, and yard size/features are some of the most important factors.

This Year Vs. Years Prior

While inventory has been slim the last couple of years, it's very tight this year. As of December 2021 we have two clients for whom we've yet to find the right luxury properties. We will, but it's taking some extra digging this 'season'.

Photo for a blog about Spring Training rental properties in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Celeb & Sports Division Begins Annual Spring Training Property Rental Program

It's Not A Game

At Williams Luxury Homes, we take our clients' best interests seriously. The market is as complicated as ever. We have access to incredible opportunities, over 100+ years combined experience selling real estate, and we would LOVE to earn your business.

One of the MAJOR reasons we create all of our own content is so we can speak DIRECTLY to you. We're friendly, reachable, and ready to help you access the best of Arizona!

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