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Is AZ’s Greater Phoenix About To Witness A High-Rise Condo Boom?

Californians, Limited Prime-Location Land, & Soooo Much More

Welcome back to LUXE BLOG. Before we discuss a potential future high-rise condo development boom in AZ's Greater Phoenix - we want to thank those enjoying our content. We love creating it and connecting with the world online! Message us anytime.

Is the Valley of the Sun poised to experience a vertical boom like our neighborly desert friend Vegas did around 2005? Possibly yet for far different reasons. In fact, Greater Phoenix might already be witnessing the beginnings of a new development trend.

phoenix az high-rise condos

Is Greater Phoenix Witnessing A New Trend?

Luxe Concrete & Steel Baby

As some of you know from running into us at Optima Kierland and Optima Camelview Village, we love listing and selling luxury condo properties. We've even sold vanilla and grey-shell penthouses.

Our point is we're kind of what you'd call condo nerds. We're intimate with this niche of luxury real estate.

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Optima Kierland Listing Presented By Williams Luxury Homes

High-Expectation Californians...

From high-expectation Californians migrating to the valley to AZ's trendiest developers running out of prime-location land, we see several pieces in place that could lead to a potential high-rise residential condo development trend and/or boom.

There's several more factors (that we'll soon touch on) that make the Silicon Desert ideal for SMART developers to build vertical. Plus desert tortoise benefit from high-density-minded construction.

That's it for now content consumers! To tide you over until our next LUXE BLOG, you can go sign up for our FENDI Private Residences interest list.

Good vibes :)

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