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New Renderings And Site Plan For Optima McDowell Mountain!

New Optima McDowell Mountain Assets

Today, we put out a TON of content pertaining to Optima McDowell Mountain. As pointed out in our newest blog containing new construction photos of Optima McDowell Mountain Village as of May 2024. As you can see in the photos, lots of progress has happened. Phase 1 is well underway and consists of Building 7220 and 7230 (see below site map for where they sit). If you look at our latest photo blog, both towers are underway. Currently, the subterranean parking at 7220 is up to the second floor while 7230 is just beginning ground-level work. We hope you enjoy the below content. Feel free to reach out to join the OMMV interest list using the below contact form.

Site plan for Optima McDowell Mountain Village.

Rendering of Optima McDowell Mountain Village.

About Optima McDowell Mountain Village

Imagine yourself living in the heart of North Scottsdale, right where the action is picking up. You've probably heard about Optima McDowell Mountain – it's this new place that's all about green living and modern comforts. They've really thought about everything to make sure you're living well, staying connected with your neighbors, and just soaking up the beauty of the desert that's right on your doorstep.

Now, picture your home there. It's not just any apartment; it's got this timeless elegance but with a modern twist that Optima is known for. Your living space is designed to be super comfy and stylish at the same time. Those huge windows from floor to ceiling? They let you gaze out at some pretty amazing views. And let's talk about the stuff you'll use every day – the appliances, the finishes – they'll be top-notch. You're getting the best in terms of how they work and how they look.

Now, about the views! They're expected to be amazing from every angle. Days and nights will be spent relaxing in your living room with huge windows from the floor to the ceiling. You can watch the sun go down in the west, or look out at the McDowell Mountains in the east. To the north, there's Pinnacle Peak, and to the south, Camelback Mountain. And the finishes in these condos? They're all about being eco-friendly. And paying attention to the little things that make a big difference? You get to make it your own, too (with customizable options). Plus, they will come with top-notch appliances to make sure your condo is both stylish AND comfy.

Rendering of a woman looking towards the McDowell Mountains.

The McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale, Arizona.

About OMMV (Continued)

Think about living just a stone's throw away from some of the best hiking and biking spots around. You've got all the fun of the great outdoors right on your doorstep, plus a ton of cool places to eat, shop, and have a good time not far away. And when you want to explore a bit more of Scottsdale or head out further, the Loop 101 Freeway is right there to make your trip a breeze.

Now, let's talk about where you'd be living – Optima McDowell Mountain. A community that really cares about keeping you healthy and connected. Each of the six buildings will feature its own set of perks, like gyms, basketball courts, and spots where neighbors can hang out together. But the real showstoppers are the rooftop decks. Picture yourself swimming laps in a 50-meter Olympic-sized pool, jogging on a track with a view, or just chilling by an outdoor fireplace.

Drawing inspiration from the stunning landscapes surrounding it, Optima's properties are crafted with a unique blend of classic elegance and modern innovation. These residences epitomize ultimate comfort. Expansive windows stretching from floor to ceiling open up to breathtaking vistas, while top-tier appliances and finishes set the standard for high-quality functionality and sleek aesthetics.

The seamless integration of environmental sustainability and the region's inherent beauty transforms these spaces from mere homes to serene retreats. Residents can indulge in the lush, native vegetation that mirrors the grandeur of the McDowell Mountains. Expansive outdoor areas will provide a perfect backdrop for relaxation. And that will include social gatherings and personal rejuvenation. The design includes glass-encased lower levels that merge the outdoor beauty with indoor coziness. Furthermore, each of the six rooftop decks offers panoramic views. Also, terraces adorned with local flora will offer private, verdant escapes that enhance the living experience.

You can get on WLH's Optima McDowell Mountain condo reservation list by visiting this link.

Rendering of Optima McDowell Mountain Village.

OMMV Amenities

  • Outdoor relaxation zones with fire pits and comfortable seating areas
  • Indoor and outdoor areas for yoga
  • Rooftop terraces offering expansive views of McDowell Mountain
  • Full-length Olympic pool, heated for comfort
  • Outdoor kitchen and barbecue stations
  • Lounge spaces with bars and counter seating
  • Wellness center featuring a sauna, steam room, and massage facilities
  • A track for running located on the rooftop
  • Comprehensive fitness center equipped with cardio machines, strength-training equipment, and free weights
  • Areas dedicated to fitness outdoors, including performance gear
  • Serene spa complete with a cold plunge and sauna
  • Pilates and yoga studios, available both indoors and outdoors
  • Spaces designed for group fitness and equipped with locker rooms
  • Business hub complete with conference and huddle rooms
  • Indoor facilities for pickleball and basketball
  • Outdoor courts for pickleball
  • Golfing amenities including an indoor simulator and outdoor areas for chipping and putting
  • Bocce ball court
  • Play areas for children, designed for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Luxurious movie theater with spacious seating
  • Party venue featuring a professional kitchen for culinary activities
  • Dedicated areas for pets, including a park and a spa
  • Verdant landscaping under shaded arbors
  • Television-equipped outdoor entertainment spaces

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Rendering of Optima McDowell Mountain Village.

Rendering of Optima McDowell Mountain Village's rooftop deck.

About The Developer

For over 40 years now, Optima has really put its heart into creating some of the most beautiful and luxurious places to live, both in the city and the suburbs. Imagine a company that does it all – they dream up these places, design them, build them, sell them, and even take care of them afterward. That's what Optima does. They keep everything under one roof, which means they can pay attention to every little detail. That makes everything flow just right.

Optima really thinks about where it's going to be and make it fit in just perfectly. But they all have this certain look – think bold shapes, really nice materials, and spaces that you can change up to suit your life. And the guys leading the charge, David C. Hovey,  and his son, they're not just any architects. They've won many awards for their work! We've known them a long time and are grateful for what they have brought to 'The Valley'. Optima is all about top-notch quality, keeping things sleek and simple, and making sure you've got a great lifestyle. And that's what we love about them.

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