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On Organic Modern Design With Interior Spaces’ Dana Reynolds

A Talk About 'Organic Modern'

WLH: Thanks for stopping by LUXE BLOG Dana. As one of the most respected Interior Designers in Arizona, can you tell us more about the newest trend 'Organic Modern'?

DANA: Our world is changing and it's interesting to see how interior design trends change and evolve with what's going on around us. We see those changes in trends such as minimalism, more simplified designs, and more Earth-conscious choices.

WLH: What is your simplest definition of 'Organic Modern'?

DANA: It's combining modern design (which is clean lines and minimalist décor) with organic, natural elements, and more earth tones and texture.

WLH: Can you tell us what kind of elements and/or design trends this has introduced?

DANA: Examples would be: using more wood, live edge furniture, natural elements such as naturally woven rugs (jute and sisal), clay pots, live plants, cowhide rugs, and woven baskets.


Photo of Organic Modern interior design.

Organic Modern Interior Design Implements More Earth-Conscious Choices

Wow Factors

WLH: We know you're the master at creating WOW FACTORS and SEXY living environments. What's the most exciting thing you can tell us about what you do and/or why you do it?

DANA: I love working together with clients to create a space or home for them that really reflects their personality. I have a very collaborative approach with clients which I feel always results in them truly loving the outcome. The WOW factor comes from my 80/20 theory. I design 80% for personality and functionality and then I push for 20% WOW. Whether it be creating a unique feature wall, or using outrageous tiles in a powder room, the clients are always happy we went for some “WOW”.


Photo of Organic Modern interior design.

Organic Modern Interior Design Features More Wood, Live Edge Furniture, & Natural Elements.

Interior Spaces

WLH: Before we wrap this up, can you tell us more about your company Interior Spaces?

DANA: We specialize in new build design. We work directly with the builder to create all the elements of the home (ground up). Along with that, we also offer residential home interior design.

WLH: How do people get in touch with you?

DANA: Readers of LUXE BLOG can reach me directly on my cell at 312-550-9800.

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