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Cherry On Top – Fendi Buyers Will Have To Wait Until Fall 2024

FENDI Sales Expected Fall 2024

The multi-billion-dollar Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley is one of the most significant projects in AZ history. And for numerous reasons. One of those reasons being the FENDI Private Residences. Recently, it was announced that sales of the 52 high-end residential condos at FENDI would not go on sale until fall of 2024. For us at WLH, we STRONGLY encourage this move. There is no rush. By fall of 2024, the 215-room RCPV hotel is expected to be complete (along with the 80 villas and 32 estate homes offered for sale). Because of it's global reputation and exclusivity, we expect FENDI will very short amount of time. And at record-breaking prices.

*To not cause confusion, the majority of RCPV's approx. 105-acre parcel is located in PV, while a small portion sits in Scottsdale (where the FENDI building will sit).

The Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley sitemap.

The Fendi Private Residences Will Be Located In The Palmeraie

Why Fendi Is Such A Big Deal

The FENDI building is only the fourth FENDI real estate project in the world and second in America. The others are In Rome, Dubai, and Miami. To put that into perspective, it's not LA, NYC, Chicago, or Vegas getting FENDI, it's Scottsdale. As far as the project's architecture, it will led by famed Rome-based architect Marco Costanzi. The interest list is LOADED with some of the wealthiest and/or famous individuals in the world. We ourselves have over 40 VIP prospects and clients registered. Fendi will be located in The Palmeraie (expected to become the Rodeo Drive of Arizona). Also important to note is that the city of Scottsdale approved The Palmeraie to include the FENDI branded & designed condominium residences in a 6-story building.

This venture embodies the essence of FENDI as a lifestyle brand. The exclusive units will offer sweeping views of the mountains and are currently expected to range in size from 3,000 to over 6,000 square feet. Adding to the exclusivity, the building will feature five ultra-private, 'paparazzi-proof' penthouses. Each penthouse is expected to boast direct access from a private, underground garage via a personal elevator. The architectural prowess of FENDI will be evident throughout the building, showcasing meticulous attention to detail and a suite of unparalleled luxury amenities for residents. This is the building EVERYONE will be talking about.

About RCPV & The Palmeraie

The Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley, currently under construction, is poised to redefine luxury in its master-planned setting. This future resort will feature over 200 guest spaces, including unique casitas. Its standout attraction is the anticipated longest resort pool in North America. Alongside, the spa promises desert-themed treatments and a serene relaxation pool. The resort will also include a variety of dining venues and a large ballroom space, ideal for various events. In addition, RCPV offers 80 residential villas and 32 estate homes for sale.

The Palmeraie, also in development, is set to be a luxury hub in Paradise Valley. Occupying 18 acres, this mixed-use project promises a unique blend of high-end retail, dining, and wellness spaces. Designed as an open-air complex, it aims to offer an unparalleled shopping and dining experience in Arizona, distinguished by its innovative architecture and landscaping. The Palmeraie will attract high-expectation individuals seeking the very best in hospitality, dining, wellness, retail, and relaxation.

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Camelback Mountain.

Camelback Mountain Seen From The Fendi Private Residences Site

In Summary

In sum, the Ritz-Carlton, Paradise Valley and The Palmeraie, with their impending launches, are set to forever alter Arizona's luxury landscape. The anticipation for FENDI's exclusive residences adds another layer of excitement to this development. The way we see it, it's the cherry on top! Our team at WLH is not just watching this unfold; we're at the forefront of getting our VIP clients registered at the FENDI Private Residences. Should you want to get on our list, feel free to visit the link. Via the contact form, you're free to ask us any questions you may have. Having sold several residences at RCPV, we know this entire project well. Being there are so many layers to such a large-scale development, we have solid info and are ALWAYS happy to discuss it.

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