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Is Arizona’s Real Estate Becoming More Expensive Than California’s?!

A Real Estate Conversation Worth Having

Recently, while watching a livestream of our friend Living In Arizona Now's livestream, we saw an interesting question come up in chat. "Will Arizona real estate prices end up exceeding California's?" While this overall scenario seems unlikely, there are deep, intrinsic reasons why upcoming projects such as Scottsdale's FENDI Private Residences are expected to become the highest price-per-foot real estate in Arizona history. And there's also PLENTY to think about in regards to both states.

Food For Thought:

  • Arizona is still very much underdeveloped
  • Due to politics and natural disasters, many Californians have relocated to Arizona
  • What would a MAJOR earthquake on the San Andreas fault do to Cali?
  • How will the rise of remote work affect Cali's work force?
  • Arizona's resort-like weather plays a major role in a post-pandemic world
  • Should it grow into its potential, how would the 'Silicon Desert' affect values?
  • AZ is a mashup of culture and industry, creating a unique vibe that's growing in popularity
Photo of California.

Will California Real Estate Prices Ever Go Downhill?

Arizona Has A Long Way To Go

While we LOVE seeing our state grow, there's much the state can do to improve. As an example, Living In Arizona Now often points out how many freeways we've built. Is it too many? While they make traveling around Greater Phoenix easy, could some of that concrete be used to build more industry, culture, and 'Live, Work, Play'? Are freeways old school aka do younger people prefer public transport and/or Uber? We'll tackle that in a future blog. For now, we simply wanted to raise the question, "Will Arizona end up outpricing California?"

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