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Deal Struck To Bring Major Film Studio To Greater Phoenix Metro

Acacia Filmed Entertainment's Arizona Studio

Welcome back to our site. It is here we bring you the latest updates from Greater Phoenix. Today we have entertainment industry news. Acacia Filmed Entertainment has just announced a groundbreaking project for Arizona. One that could transform Phoenix Metro's filmmaking industry. As a boutique firm who sells Arizona real estate, we enjoy news such as this. It shows a maturation of our valley. 

Lights, Camera, Phoenix!

Acacia Filmed Entertainment is set to develop a cutting-edge film studio and production training facility in the heart of Phoenix. A studio such as this would be great for Arizona. Not to mention the film industry. Here are key things to know:

  • Financial Incentives: Thanks to the Arizona Motion Picture Production Program bill, the studio complex will be a hotspot for film and TV projects. The bill is scheduled to take effect in 2023. This new law will offer substantial financial incentives to producers shooting at studio facilities, making it an attractive destination for filmmakers.
  • Leadership Team: Spearheading this ambitious project is none other than Matthew George. Mr. George is the founder of Acacia Filmed Entertainment and Savvy Media Holdings (as well as co-president of Castle Rock). He's joined by Hernan Narea as the CFO. George's track record in the industry makes him a driving force behind this initiative.
  • World-Class Facilities: The Acacia Arizona Studio Complex is set to truly help filmmakers. It will boast a lineup of 14 soundstages, including a colossal 60,000-square-foot stage. This facility is designed to cater to the most demanding production needs by covering 624,000 square feet. It will encompass 70 acres of land. There is an additional 30-acre backlot for future expansion
  • Proximity to Hollywood: The location couldn't be more convenient for Hollywood pros. A mere 60-minute flight from Phoenix to Los Angeles makes it an easily accessible hub for industry insiders.
  • Addressing Industry Demands: Matthew George highlights the increasing demand for quality original content and the need for more studio space. Acacia's Arizona Studio Complex aims to meet these demands while offering competitive tax breaks to support big-budget productions. And that is good news if you ask us here at WLH.

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Photo of a movie camera.

Acacia Filmed Entertainment Has Struck A Deal To Build A Studio In Greater Phoenix

Phased Construction & Future Plans

The construction of the facility will unfold in two phases:

  • Phase One: This stage will involve constructing seven sound stages of various sizes, 30,000 square feet of workshop space, support offices, ample parking, a studio reception area, and advanced perimeter security.
  • Phase Two: Building upon the success of Phase One, the project will expand further. More sound stages, workshop space, and post-production facilities will be added. Additionally, Acacia plans to collaborate with local colleges to incorporate lecture rooms, workshops, screening rooms, a cafeteria, and campus grounds.

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A Visionary Leader

Matthew George's dedication to the film industry is respected. He has had successful ventures in financing and produced a wide range of films. Good ones! Mathew's involvement with Castle Rock and the team's collaboration with Warner Bros. underscore their commitment to cinema. In 2021, they even raised a substantial $175 million film fund to re-launch the studio.

What We Think

Acacia Filmed Entertainment's Arizona Studio Complex will be good for Metro Phoenix. With solid leadership, nice facilities, and financial incentives, this project brings the magic of cinema closer to 'The Valley'. As many know, this is an ongoing trend. One that we continue to see in the headlines.

Having our own Celeb & Sports Division, WLH caters to many film industry professionals. We are also in production for Season 1 of our own show, but it has been delayed due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Here on LUXE BLOG, we provide everything from real estate stats and news like this to the latest listings and hot opportunities in our market. Any questions? Feel free to reach out.

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