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WLH Answers 10 Questions About Life In Scottsdale, Arizona

10 Questions About Scottsdale

Hey there WLH readers! Today's edition of LUXE BLOG is all about Scottsdale. What can we say? We love educating our clients about this fantastic city. Today, we're answering the 10 most important questions people have about Scottsdale. Lately, we've been sharing all kinds of info about Scottsdale. From insider tips on the city and discussing Things To Do In Scottsdale (check it), we've been hitting it pretty good.

On a quick sidenote, we want to say THANK YOU. From filming our new TV show to having some of the most fun we've ever had selling luxury real estate, life has been exciting. Projects such as Ascent, FENDI, and Optima McDowell Mountain (all in Scottsdale) have us really slammed. Our goal to create a HUMANIZED brand online is working. It's important for us to meet and help more people.

10 Questions About Scottsdale

  • Scottsdale's climate, you ask? - Hot and dry with over 300 sunny days a year. Average temperature is 72 degrees.
  • What are the primary industries? - Tourism, healthcare, and technology. Other major industries include finance, real estate, and retail.
  • How is the education system? - Scottsdale has several highly rated public and private schools. There are also several top-rated universities and colleges in the area.
  • What are the transportation options? - The city offers a variety of transportation options, including bus, bike, and car rentals. Uber and Lyft are also popular.
  • What is the cost of living in Scottsdale? - Scottsdale has a high cost of living compared to the national average. However, its economy and high quality of life make it popular.


Scottsdale, Arizona

Today We Answer Popular Questions About Scottsdale

Questions Continued

  • What kind of recreational activities can one expect? - Hiking in the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Golfing on some of the country's best courses. Shopping, art galleries, and spas.
  • Is the nightlife scene as good as rumored to be? - The nightlife is lively, with a range of bars, clubs, and lounges. Everything from upscale rooftop bars to laid-back dive bars can be found.
  • Real estate and housing - From modern condos to luxury estates, Scottsdale offers a range of property and lifestyle types incl. townhomes, condos, apartments, and gated communities.
  • What are the top attractions? The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, Taliesin West, McDowell Sonoran Preserve, Fashion Square Mall, and the Talking Stick Resort and Casino.
  • What about the job market? Scottsdale has a strong job market, with a low unemployment rate. The city's primary industries offer a variety of job opportunities for skilled workers.

And That Is That

And there you have it, LUXE BLOG readers! We hope this answers all your burning questions about the Scottsdale real estate market. Like we say all the time, we are out in the market daily. We are constantly analyzing price-per-foot trends. We hear ALL the latest rumors. The pulse of the city is something we know and understand. And we have fun doing what we do. Want to let our MASSIVE experience work for you? Contact us anytime.

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