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We’ve Updated Several Project Pages With New Information

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For anyone who stops by often, you know how much we care about providing solid content. In a day and age where everything is moving toward automation, we feel it's REALLY IMPORTANT to keep the human touch going. That doesn't mean we don't use technology, it means we embrace using tech to bring better info to CONSUMERS. Let's put it this way, the post you're reading is the 311th entry on LUXE BLOG. If you go back and read, MOST of our posts are loaded with latest news, tips, photos, and more.

What Did We Update Most Recently?

Recently, in addition to tons of little tweaks aesthetically, technically, and content wise, we updated our FENDI Private Residences page. Why? Because all kinds of new info came out. Other pages that we update quite often is our Optima McDowell Mountain Village and Ascent at The Phoenician pages. This is because the one of the projects has yet to be released and the other is deep under way Info is scarce. Not to mention we personally know the developers. Whenever new info is released, we put it out there (as long as we can). This goes for any and all projects or communities that are popular and/or that we see potential in.

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Other Updates Recently Performed

Another addition we recently added was a page about Corporate Retreats in Arizona. Make sure to check it out. While our lifestyles pages are more stories than to-the-point info, they DO HELP you understand what that said lifestyle feels like here in AZ. Currently, we have lifestyle pages written for corporate retreats, equestrian and ranch, fly fishing, golf course, investments, land, and waterfront properties. Each tells a story. These pages are very different is style than most of our pages.

We Hope You Enjoy

We hope you enjoy what we have built here on the website. With all the changes going on in the world with AI and so much more, we want to keep a HUMAN touch. Nothing feels better to us than when someone finds us on Google and says they learned good info on our site. To be blunt, as a boutique team of top producers, we could spend our time doing other things. But we enjoy content creating, so we will continue to create and provide it.

Thanks for coming by and reading.

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