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Williams Luxury Homes Has Become It’s Own Boutique Brokerage

WLH The Brokerage

Back in 2010, after years of being a top agent in 'The Valley', William Lewis created WIlliams Luxury Homes (the team). For the past 13 years, we have represented the best interests of our clients during hundreds of millions worth of sales. With a small, hand-picked squad of passionate professionals, we ALWAYS strive to set new standards. On September 19th, we official became our own brokerage. This is a big step and creates new opportunities and perks for our clients. One being that we brought in Philippe Martinet, a respected real estate attorney, to be our managing broker. And there's MUCH more.


We believe that the luxury real estate industry could use some refreshing. That is why we always make a point to let everyone know why we do what we do. We actually really do love everything about what we do. It's a lot of fun selling high-end real estate in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, and surrounding cities. With automation coming on to the scene so big, we're already starting to see a change in how real estate professionals enter their listings into the MLS. And how they market properties. Basically, we're seeing more of an automated, non-personal approach. We are the opposite of that. Part digital, a whole bunch of human, Williams Luxury Homes wants to help you achieve the best outcome possible.

A resort backyard and pool.

Williams Luxury Homes Is Boutique Real Estate Brokerage

Divisions & Services @ WLH

Representation - Our multilingual team, boasting over 100 years of combined experience, are not just expert negotiators; they are champions in their field. We provide award-winning representation to buyers, sellers, developers, and investors, all driven by a profound passion for what we do.

Property Management - Our vision was to revolutionize investment convenience. Experience seamless access to both our PROPERTY MANAGEMENT division and an extensive selection of luxury rental properties, all professionally managed in-house.

Unique Listings - We're well-connected, from trendy home-staging firms to implementing high-engagement social media, Google-loved SEO, and strategic print campaigns. WLH's constantly evolving inventory brings benefits to everyone. Bottom line is we are out here. And we constantly end up coming across and selling special inventory.

Celeb & Sports Division - We created our Celeb & Sports Division to serve the elite in the financial, entertainment, fashion, tech, and pro sports sectors. With a mission to safeguard our clients' wealth and privacy, we offer unparalleled exclusivity.

Killer Website - At the time of this posting, this version of is OLD. With that said, it is LOADED with so much content it's not even funny. Why? We have someone on the team who's a bit addicted to content creation and SEO. In early 2024, we will launch a BRAND NEW website. It will feature what is called BIG IDX. Basically, Google wants a website to have a great User Interface (UI) and a great User Experience (UX). Soon, our site's tech will be brought up to speed so you can enjoy all the stellar content more efficiently. Stay tuned.

Developer Sales - Our Digital Marketing platform at Williams Luxury Homes is designed to thrive on the power of analytics. From meticulously tracking ROI to bolstering developers' market presence, we assume responsibility for every facet of new sales and marketing, delivering results grounded in data-driven excellence.

Residential Services - Are you on the hunt for your next investment property in Greater Phoenix? Once we guide you to the area's most coveted fixer-uppers, we'll connect you with the region's most skilled and accomplished contractors.

WLH Studios - Our in-house video and marketing production powerhouse. In simple terms, we transform our listings into compelling real estate presentations, delivering quick sales at top value.

Commercial - Our brand new commercial division is coming soon. Stay tuned!

Photo of a luxury condo in Scottsdale, Arizona.

WLH Accesses All Kinds Of Unique Inventory

Specialty Knowledge

Arizona offers a wide-range of real estate types. There are multi-billion dollar developments with luxury condos being built. Some people want to buy an investment property to use for Airbnb. Others seek to build a custom mansion in PV. And of course, many want to purchase a good home at a good price in cities such as Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, etc. Here's the good news, we have MUCH experience in all of the niches mentioned above. We know developers too. And sometimes? That opens up STELLAR opportunities for our clients.

In Closing

Opening up our own boutique firm is just the start of many new things to come. We are at our best. And at this point? We are helping our clients in ADVANCED ways. Having a real estate attorney as our managing broker is a GOOD thing for our clients. The world of real estate in Arizona is no joke. If you want it done right, all while having your wealth and privacy protected, we're here to help.

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