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Williams Luxury Homes’ Marketing Leads To Quantum Results

How WLH Achieved $1 Billion In Sales

For anyone familiar with quantum physics, the double-slit experiment pretty much broke reality. First performed in 1801, it created a conundrum. Physicist Richard Feynman said the quantum double-slit experiment puts us “up against the paradoxes and mysteries and peculiarities of nature”. Without going all woo on you, nature behaves in unexplainable ways. When observed it behaves one way (linear), and when not directly observed it behaves in a quantum manner aka all potentials exist. And that's how we at Williams Luxury Homes see marketing. When looking at let's say selling a special piece of Paradise Valley real estate, we see NUMEROUS ways to best sell it. And that's because there ARE numerous outside the box ways to selling uber high-end properties. While many Realtors put your home on the MLS and market it on social media (linear), we perform a QUANTUM level number of actions. What are they? Get in touch and we can discuss it.

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