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We’re Rebuilding Our Website Again. Why, What, And When?

What's Next For Our Site?

Hey everyone! Welcome back to LUXE BLOG. Today, we're excited to reveal that we are yet again rebuilding Williams Luxury Homes' website from scratch. Why is this? We invest money back into things that work for us and our clients. Also, we love new technologies. We seek to deliver content in a way that's easy and EXCITING to consume. Unfortunately, our site isn't up to par with the newest capabilities out there. So, were rebuilding it. This time, we hired the most-awarded real estate website company in the world. We've worked with them before. They are the best.

We will be adding a new IDX feature that makes every listing on our website show up with large pictures and an improved layout. We're talking about a feature that costs $5,000 all by itself. We're building an expensive website because that's what it takes. At this point we have approx. 500 pages of content. That includes thousands of photos, informative blogs, listing videos, agent features, etc.

Good Content Is Important

Especially when everything is automated. We are human. We love what we do and understand the home buying and selling process. Having sold over $1 billion worth of luxury real estate in the Greater Phoenix area, WLH believes in delivering quality info online. This includes both long-form and short-form. Additionally, we enjoy different mediums including photos, videos, text, and social media.

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WLH Is Always Finding Ways To Innovate

Upcoming Improvements

Some of the improvements we're going to be making include:

  • Big IDX with CUTTING-EDGE features
  • Completely redesigned homepage with exciting functionality
  • 2,000-word city pages incl. TONS of info about living in the area
  • All new, high-rez photos taken from all around the East Valley
  • Improved user interface and user experience (UI and UX)
  • And much more, of course

In The Meantime

As we work with our new developer behind the scenes, we will continue to post TONS of content here on our Greater Phoenix real estate blog. In addition to learn what it's like to live here, hopefully our blog helps you get to know who we are as people. As well as things like WHY we do real estate. Let us be blunt: we don't like seeing people buying or selling real estate the wrong way. We protect our clients. Starting with educating and informing them.

With that said, our new website won't launch until late 2023 if not early 2024. So keep enjoying our current site (it's still awesome). And let us know if you need us to answer any questions you may have.

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