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Why We As A Team Work With So Many Different Types Of People

How We Do Things

Welcome to Williams Luxury Homes!We're a boutique real estate team in Scottsdale. While our name includes "luxury" and we have a Celeb & Sports Division, we want to emphasize that our services (and passions) go FAR beyond just luxury properties. We represent a variety of clients and property types. And for good reason. Care to hear why?

Our Team, Our Clients, Our Passion

Hand-picked based on character and talent, WLH comprises real estate professionals from all walks of life. Having come from all over the globe, we speak over five languages. Our diversity has allowed us to meet MANY great people.

For us, this is more about the love of working with unique individuals than about commission amounts. Sure, we love making money doing what we are good at, but not as much as we love the friendships we build. On many weekends and/or holidays, our personal homes are filled with family and friends (many of whom started out as clients). Will you be at one of our fun events? We invite you.

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Williams Luxury Homes Provides 'A Luxury Experience For Everyone'

A Luxury Experience for Everyone

We believe in offering a luxury experience to all our clients. This is regardless of their budget or property type. Our expertise spans various areas, including:

  • Prestigious neighborhoods like Silverleaf, Paradise Valley, Billionaires Row, Biltmore, and Troon
  • Investment opportunities in Scottsdale, Chandler, PV, Gilbert, and the overall Greater Phoenix area
  • Luxury condos such as Optima, FENDI, Ascent, and high-end semi-custom homes by developers such as Camelot Homes

This is why our saying is, 'A Luxury Experience For Everyone'. We hope you like it.

True Success Only Happens When...

The most successful real estate professionals perform their craft for the RIGHT reasons. Also, most luxury clients buy MULTIPLE lower-priced homes for fix and flips, etc. In fact, one of our agents' former brokers (who was a legend) mentored him on the secret to how she built her book of elite clients. Want to know how? Most of them started out as young investors, singles, college students, couples, and big dreamers. She worked with them for over 40 years. Many of her clients became the biggest names in the city. This legendary broker (who we will leave unnamed), has since passed away. But her mentoring lives on through us. We think JUST like HER.

Reach Out to Us

We never claim to be the best because we don't live (or speak) like that. Everyone is good at something. So let's be great together. We invite you to connect with us. Thanks for reading our Greater Phoenix real estate blog. We post here often.


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