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Oh Baby – I Like The Direction Your Property Faces – It’s Hot!

Hot Real Estate - Literally

Pertaining to the subject of Arizona's sun, energy costs, and home ownership - several factors can come into play. And the implications can mean the difference between loving your Arizona home and hating it. In today's LUXE BLOG, we'll briefly discuss this topic.

Some of the above-mentioned factors  include:

  • Property direction
  • Insulation
  • Patio overhangs
  • Pools
  • Shade trees
  • Upgraded windows
  • Porches
  • Seasons
  • And more

What Is Heat Gain?

According to Google, "Heat gain refers to the transfer of heat into your home through a variety of sources. The primary source of heat is the sun, and the absorption of heat by your structure increases dramatically during the summer months as solar radiation intensifies." 

The whole point is to lower load on your HVAC System, especially during peak hours. Typically, in Arizona, peak hours are considered to be around 2pm until 7pm. Obviously the more load your HVAC takes, the more costly it is to your pocketbook.

Photo of a hot Arizona sun.

Arizona's Summer Heat Is A Major Factor To Keep In Mind

What's The Best Direction For A Home To Face In Arizona?

When it comes to keeping a home as cool as possible during peak seasons in Arizona, there's more to the picture than which property your home faces. With that said, we all know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. If your property has bedrooms facing west, they will get hammered in the hot, late afternoons. Of course you can help combat this problem with things such as triple-paned windows, upgraded insulation, radiant-barrier roof sheathing, trees, awnings, etc.

One of the main issues with west-facing windows, or windows in general, is that you may end up having a dark home. One of the primary complaints of Arizona homeowners is that they have to keep their shutters and/or curtains shut during the summer hence creating a cave-like living environment.

What Are Some Other Things To Keep In Mind?

Some of the other things to keep in mind include if you want your pool to have shade in the morning or the afternoon. Some find, during the summer, they can only enjoy their pool in late afternoon and in shade. Some like to swim in the heat. It's all personal preference.

Another BIG thing to keep in mind is the late afternoon sun is very low hence leading to porches not having as much of an affect. In reality, we could on and on about items such as garage heat (for those who spend a lot of time in them), planting large, pre-grown trees, and MUCH more, but that's going to have to wait for now. If you'd like to learn more in-depth information in regards to this subject in general, feel free to reach out.

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