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United States’ Housing Market: Insights From Altos Research

Latest Data

At WLH, we specialize in various real estate niches. We play the game daily, from investment properties and vacation rentals to primary residences and luxury condos. As part of our commitment to keeping you informed about the Arizona real estate market, we're sharing the latest data and insights on the 2023 real estate market by Altos Research.

A Snapshot Of The Current U.S. Housing Market

According to Mike Simonsen, president of Altos Research, the housing market is showing encouraging signs. Even as mortgage rates have stabilized at around 7%. The inventory of unsold single-family homes rose by 2% this week. This is a significant change from last year. Back then the increase was 6%.

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Today We Go Over The Latest Data From Altos Research

The Impact Of Mortgage Rates

One key insight from Simonsen's analysis is that homebuyers may be more sensitive to rapid changes in mortgage rates than to absolute levels. When rates are stable, buyers adjust to what they can afford. However, abrupt changes can disrupt their calculations and decision-making process. This is an important factor to understand. As rates stabilize (high or low), people start adjusting their spending habits on other items. Another thing that happens as rates stabilize is individuals start budgeting differently. They trach their balances differently. Etc. Eventually, things begin to normalize.

Inventory & Price Trends

Simonsen's data also reveals that year-over-year comparisons are getting easier. According to him, we can expect to see inventory decline year over year, prices appreciate, and fewer price reductions compared to last year. If we're lucky, we may see more home sales than last year by the fall.

Current Homes On Market

There are approx. 459,000 single-family homes on the market across the country. This is up 1.9% from last week but still 10% fewer than at the end of the previous year.

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Homebuyers May Be More Sensitive To Rapid Changes In Mortgage Rates Than To Absolute Levels

Looking Ahead

The data suggests that we'll finish 2023 with 10% fewer homes on the market than we started the year. This trend, where demand exceeds supply, is a good rule of thumb for home price increases another year in the future. That bodes well for home prices in 2024.

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