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Study Puts Tempe, Arizona In The Top-10 American ‘Boomtown’ List!

SmartAsset Study Puts Tempe & Mesa In The Spotlight

Recently, both the Tempe and Mesa, Arizona real estate markets received good news. In the latest study by SmartAsset, the two cities ranked in the Top 50 Boomtowns of America. While we're doing a separate blog on Mesa's housing market soon, today's LUXE BLOG is on Tempe. Go Sun Devils! However, there's MUCH more to this then ASU.

The study, which ranked on growth factors such as: GDP, population, household income, and the housing market, found Tempe was 7th in the country. Changes in most of the study's categories were analyzed over a 5-year period.

Reported Statistics:

  • 11.88% - 5-Year Population Growth
  • 40.7% - 5-Year Median Household Income
  • 3.77% - Average GDP Growth

One of the most exciting aspects of the latest study is that NO ARIZONA cities ranked in 2019. Having two state cities rank is good news for Arizonans. Mesa came in at 42nd.

Photo of Tempe Town Lake. at night

How Strong Is The Tempe, Arizona Real Estate Market?

The Silicon Desert & Affordable Housing

As more technology companies such as Peloton, Amazon, and Deloitte build offices in Tempe, Arizona, housing prices grow. At the Nov. 5, 2021 State of the City address, Mayor Corey Woods and members of City Council announced the city has begun taking measures to address that very issue.

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