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Special Improvement Districts VS Home Owners Associations


One of the more sneaky recurring costs that can get you when buying your first Scottsdale home is that of a Special Improvement District. First, let us give a basic definition.

A SID and/or LID (Limited Improvement District) is a geographic area where owners of real property agree to an additional assessment(s). As opposed to an HOA, moneys may fund public improvements such as infrastructure, community amenities, and more. A good example would be a new highway that helped flow in/out of a master-planned community.

As opposed to HOAs, SIDS and LIDS can typically be paid off. However, homeowners may be penalized for paying their SID/LID off early. The system is greedy for interest.


hoa special improvement districts

Is A Special Improvement District Right For You?


Is A SID Right For You?

At the end of the day, just like HOAs, SIDs are a personal preference. They can GREATLY help a community retain and/or build it’s value. If you need further help deciding, we’re available 24/7 365, that’s how we operate.

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