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Should You Want To Sell Your Scottsdale Home, WLH Is On 🔥

Blowing Up 🧨

As we've always said on this blog, we tell it like it is. Think about it, what is worse than someone who is afraid to tell you their intentions? We don't beat around the bush, we want to sell your home. If you want a CONFIDENT team of multilingual Scottsdale real estate agents who have an abundance of buyer leads to list your home? WLH is for you. With over $1 billion in sales, we are VERY MUCH getting into our groove. And we have been at this a long time. Never like this though.

Why Are We Doing So Good?

We have a secret weapon. What is it? It's not an it, it's two people on our team who are WORLD-CLASS experts on artificial intelligence and search engine optimization. Because of our HARDCORE dedication to technology and William Lewis' incredibly deep connections, we are simply killing it. And that bodes well for our seller clients.

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Dominating Google HARD

In addition to ranking all over search engines for many of the top Scottsdale and Paradise Valley real estate terms, we are ranking #1 for some of the most popular "questions" people ask about in search. And this is a game changer. You see, while others pay SEO companies to do this, we do it all IN-HOUSE. And we are VERY, very good at it.

Williams Luxury Homes logo on fire.

Williams Luxury Homes Is On Fire In 2023

How Much Would Our SEO Cost If It Wasn't In-House?

If we didn't have our secret weapons, we would have to spend $150,000 a year on our SEO. That is how much SEO and AI we do. What we are saying is, that in addition to our traditional marketing and deep client base, our seller clients benefit from our DAILY dedication to SEO and lead gen.

What Is Next?

Our SEO is currently EXPLODING. Via using AI and very advanced techniques, WLH is quickly becoming the MOST RECOGNIZED luxury real estate brand in the Greater Phoenix area. We're not bragging, we are simply telling the TRUTH. And you know what they say about truth. The truth hurts, but it sets you FREE.

Want To Sell Your Luxury Scottsdale Home, Condo, Or Land At Top Dollar?

All you need to do is get in contact with us. As a team of Scottsdale real estate agents, we will help you not only prep your home to sell at top dollar, we will get a BOATLOAD of eyeballs on it. If that sounds good to you, make yourself known.

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