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Scottsdale Unified School District Leads State & National Averages

SUSD Scores High

When moving to Scottsdale, quality education is essential to many. The good news? Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) has shown exceptional academic progress, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Their latest performance data paints a picture of resilience and academic prowess, setting them apart in the state of Arizona. Today on LUXE BLOG, we're taking a look. Enjoy.

SUSD's Success

ELA, or English Language Arts, is a key focus for SUSD, and their recent scores are impressive. These scores are passing percentages for English Language Arts Proficiency against seven similarly sized districts here in 'The Valley'.

  • Grade 3: AZ Average - 42%, SUSD - 67%, Ranking 1st
  • Grade 4: AZ Average - 46%, SUSD - 70%, Ranking 1st
  • Grade 5: AZ Average - 38%, SUSD - 62%, Ranking 1st
  • Grade 6: AZ Average - 44%, SUSD - 60%, Ranking 5th
  • Grade 7: AZ Average - 43%, SUSD - 58%, Ranking 3rd
  • Grade 8: AZ Average - 38%, SUSD - 55%, Ranking 2nd
  • Grade 11: AZ Average - 42%, SUSD - 63%, Ranking 3rd

These figures demonstrate SUSD's strong performance in English Language Arts Proficiency aka ELA.

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Rendering of a classroom.

SUSD Excelled In English Language Arts

The Numbers

  • 2019 Peak: An overall passing rate of 64% in ELA on the state exam.
  • Post-Pandemic Recovery: The passing rate in Spring 2023 was 62%.
  • Math Scores: Approaching pre-pandemic highs of 62% from 2018.
  • ACT Scores: SUSD outperformed national averages by 1.3 points and state averages by 3.2 points in 2023.

These statistics underscore SUSD's remarkable recovery and academic strength.

SUSD's Road Ahead

The district's focus is not just on maintaining high scores but also on continuous improvement and learning from others.

  • Collaborative Efforts: SUSD engages with neighboring districts like Deer Valley to learn and improve their ELA instructional practices.
  • Internal Success Sharing: The district is also looking at successful strategies within its own schools.

SUSD's approach goes beyond mere numbers, emphasizing a culture of constant learning and adaptation.

A Closer Look At The Achievements

SUSD's achievements are notable in several aspects:

  • Dominance in ELA: Ranking first in most grades
  • Math Proficiency: Consistently high performance
  • ACT Excellence: Outperforming in English, reading, math, and science
  • Superior to Peer Districts: Leading in a 10-district comparison

These accomplishments highlight SUSD's robust academic programs and effective teaching methodologies.

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Rendering of a classroom.

Scottsdale Unified School District Is Known For Its Effective Teaching Methods

The Path Forward

SUSD's journey is not just about high scores; it's about continuous improvement and collaboration.

  • Collaborative Learning: Seeking insights from neighboring districts
  • Intra-District Learning: Sharing successful practices within SUSD
  • Focus on Weak Spots: Addressing the comparatively lower 6th grade English scores

This approach demonstrates SUSD's holistic view of education, prioritizing not just excellence but also consistent growth and learning.

In Closing

Scottsdale Unified School District's academic success is a story of resilience, marked by a strong comeback in standardized testing scores (post-pandemic). Their ability to recover and excel exemplifies academic excellence and strategic adaptation. Especially after challenging times. Kudos to the SUSD.

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