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City Of Scottsdale Receives ‘The Voice of The People’ Award

Good News

Scottsdale, a city renowned for its rich history and luxurious living, has always been close to our hearts at Williams Luxury Homes. We are BASED out of Scottsdale. And now? We have another reason to celebrate. The city has recently been acknowledged with the “Voice of the People Award.” At WLH, we believe in providing top-notch content and representing our clients' best interests. And since we play such an active role in the Scottsdale real estate market, it's important for us to highlight this achievement of the city.

Embracing Technology For Enhanced Resident Engagement

  • Utilized technology to amplify resident feedback
  • Award presented by Polco and International City/County Management Association
  • Recognition of excellence in community-government partnership

Scottsdale has made BIG strides in fostering a tech-driven environment to actively involve its residents. By integrating innovative platforms and tools, the city has expanded the avenues for residents to share thoughts. This dedication to tech for community participation is what earned Scottsdale the “Voice of the People Award.” It's not just about using technology; it's about using it effectively to bridge the gap between the city's administration and its residents.

Embracing Technology For Resident Engagement

  • Leveraged tech for wider resident input
  • Presented by Polco and International City/County Management Association
  • Celebrates government-public collaboration

Scottsdale's commitment to its residents is terrific. They've consistently incorporated technology to create channels for its residents to share their opinions and insights. Their recent adoption of new technologies has reinvigorated community engagement.

Platforms Making Waves In Scottsdale

  • Hello Scottsdale platform for feedback via text
  • Input on new off-leash dog area in Thompson Peak Park
  • Old Town's visitor feedback system
  • Solid waste pilot for recycling and trash via smartphones

One such innovation is the "Hello Scottsdale" platform, which has facilitated feedback through texting. It's been instrumental in collecting insights on various community projects, from new dog parks to waste management.

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Scottsdale Recently Won ‘The Voice of The People’ Award

Speak Up Scottsdale - An Online Community Space

  • Platform to discuss city issues and services
  • Current focus on homelessness topic
  • Insights aiding Scottsdale's Human Services staff

Another notable platform is "Speak Up Scottsdale." This online community space has emerged as a hub for residents to voice their opinions on city affairs, from homelessness to city services.

Polco Online Questionnaire

  • Used 13,000 times over the past year
  • Topics ranged from water-saving to the new Short-Term Rental Resource Center Map

Residents also actively used the Polco online platform, sharing their feedback on a variety of topics. This continuous flow of insights ensures the city's decisions are well-informed and resonate with the residents' wishes.

Continuous Efforts For Enhanced Public Engagement

  • Drive to expand public feedback methods
  • Regular evaluation of new tools
  • Aim to increase resident engagement numbers

Scottsdale's public involvement team is the driving force behind these successful initiatives. Their unwavering dedication ensures that every resident's voice is heard, and their feedback is valued.

A Great Place To Call Home

We here at WLH are happy for Scottsdale. The city is committed to its residents, innovative spirit, dedication to nurturing a collaborative community. We look forward to many more accolades for this beautiful city, and as always, we're here to assist you in making Scottsdale your home. Thank you for taking the time to check out LUXE BLOG.

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