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Scottsdale’s Latest City Newsletter Unpacked – September 25th

The Latest Happenings

Welcome back to LUXE BLOG! Today, we have put together a rundown of Scottsdale's City Newsletter from September 25th, 2023. From Scottsdale's budget to upcoming public meetings and activities, we're here to keep you in the loop. If you have any questions about Scottsdale, feel free to let us know.

The Residence At Paiute: More Than A Home

An extension of the city's housing plan.

  • Studio and two-bedroom units
  • Low or no-cost for older individuals and disabled
  • Case-managed temporary bridge housing

This initiative promises to provide stable housing solutions for Scottsdale residents. Learn more about Paiute Neighborhood Center.

Addressing Housing Insecurity: Council's Plan

The Scottsdale City Council is not standing still on housing issues.

  • Temporary bridge housing approved
  • 28 affordable units at Paiute Neighborhood Center
  • State grant funding accepted

The council's proactive steps aim to replicate the success of last year, where 120 individuals received help.

Netflix's Blue Zones: Living Longer

A Netflix series you won't want to miss.

  • Launched on August 30
  • Explores longevity secrets
  • Community kickoff in Scottsdale

The series showcases the lifestyle choices that lead to longer, healthier lives.

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Photo of the Scottsdale 101.

Scottsdale 101 On Scottsdale Road And Mayo Blvd.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve: Celebrating Nature

October is a special month for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

  • Formal dedication on Oct. 3, 1994
  • 47 square miles protected
  • Bird walks, bike rides, and more

It's a month of activities you won't want to miss.

Upcoming & Ongoing Events

There's always something happening in Scottsdale.

  • Railfair: Sept. 30 & Oct. 1
  • Civic Center Remodel: Starts Oct. 3
  • Scottsdale ArtWalk: Every Thursday

Learn about more Scottsdale events here.

Scottsdale Budget: Your Money, Your City

The latest on Scottsdale's budget for Fiscal Year 2023/24 is here.

  • Foundation for safety and beauty
  • Details on revenues and expenditures
  • Award-winning budget book available

You can learn more about the Scottsdale city budget here.

Community Safety: GAIN 2023

GAIN 2023 is all about promoting community safety.

  • Takes place on Oct. 14
  • Register by Oct. 3 for block parties
  • Celebrate successes in crime prevention

Be a part of GAIN and make a difference in your neighborhood.

Chauncey Social in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Chauncy Social On Scottsdale Road

Neighborhood College: Learn Something New

From HOA tips to local history, Scottsdale Neighborhood College has a class for you.

  • Estate Planning Mistakes: Oct. 4
  • HOA Conflicts: Oct. 9
  • Pinnacle Peak History: Oct. 19

Sign up for classes and enhance your community knowledge.

Upcoming Public Meetings

Upcoming public meetings in Scottsdale are crucial for civic participation.

  • Planning Commission: 5 p.m., WED, September 27th
  • Neighborhood Advisory: 5 p.m., WED, September 27th
  • Council & Tourism Commission: Scottsdale Tour Launch, 4 p.m., THU, September 28th
  • Housing Agency Board: 5 p.m., THU, September 28th
  • Human Services Commission: 5:30 p.m., THU, September 28th

Mark your calendars and make your voices heard.

FYI: Quick Hits

  • 124th Street Underpass now open
  • Banned Books Week: Oct. 1-7
  • Job of the Week: Multiple benefits

Whether it's new infrastructures or intellectual freedom, Scottsdale is buzzing with updates.

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Wrapping It Up

So, that's the full scoop from Scottsdale's latest newsletter. From budget plans to public meetings and community events, there's much of which for residents to be aware. If you'd like to learn more about Scottsdale or Greater Phoenix as whole, let us know. And of course, we invite you to stay tuned to LUXE BLOG for all kinds of Scottsdale content!

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