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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Year

It’s That Magic Time Of The Year Again.  Welcome To Williams Luxury Homes December Real Estate Update!

Is it just us or does December feel like the 12-year anniversary of 2020? Can a year last longer than a year? Yes. Why? Because just like the world of the Scottsdale luxury real estate market continues to set new firsts, we’ve learned anything’s possible in 2020.


It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Year

From luxury condos at Optima Camelview Village to custom-built homes in Paradise Valley, listings right around the $1 Million mark are flying off the shelves. Maybe not as fast as the new X-Box Series X and Sony’s PS5, but fast enough to catch our attention. As luxe real estate professionals, this is really somewhat of an oddity. First of all, election years are always slow. Add in a pandemic and the fact it’s the Holiday Season? Forget about it. What could this all mean?


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No One Really Knows

Perhaps other luxury real estate agents would feel comfortable telling you everything you want to hear, but not us at WLH. Our best guesses are as follows:

  • Homeowners are fleeing NYC, Los Angeles, Miami, and other major cities.
  • Ho Ho Ho, 30-year mortgage rates are Low Low Low.
  • Some believe Arizona’s warm weather helps during the pandemic.
  • We live in a new world where new rules are being set.


Want To Learn More AND Get The Chance To Meet Santa?

Book a consultation with us for the true goodies. And if you buy a top-floor, high-end penthouse off of WLH? We’ll use our industry connections to put a word into Rudolph to guide Santa’s sleigh directly to your 1,200-square-foot balcony. What can we say…

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate Year.

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