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Raquel  Adolphson

Raquel Adolphson

Fine Home Specialist

Adventure Of A Lifetime

Raquel Adolphson is a cheerleader and champion. One of her greatest goals is that those around her are able to become the best versions of themselves, and her down-to-earth approach makes it easy to see why she’s a success. Raquel always gets the job done and is committed to creating long-term connections. With over three decades of experience in sales and negotiating, Raquel is a powerhouse. Plus, she’s an good listener and has compassion.

“Raquel Always Gets The Job Done And Is Committed To Creating Long-Term Connections.”

Born and raised in Utah, Raquel was imbued with a love of adventure. She, therefore, is unafraid to dive into the unknown and welcomes opportunities to step out of her comfort zone. She is passionate about mental health awareness and launched “Raw Talk” to shed light on the topic. Through interviews with various guests, she shares herself and encourages others to do the same with the goal of providing hope and lifting up listeners.

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